667 I’m here to exchange for treasures

    There were many of them! They were wearing Mystical division's blue robe. Should she give them the cosmos sack obediently? Should she instead just tidy them up or give them some medicine silently?

    What should she do when she encountered this kind of event when she had to resist without using power?

    She frowned and thought hard. She thought it over and over again. This academy forbade infighting among students. If they had to fight, they'd better battling it on a fighting platform.

    She glanced at those few people and saw their chins pointed up slightly. She looked as if she dared not look at them. Suddenly she smiled. "There are many people here, shall we go there?" She pointed to a bend in the path not far away.

    Those people took a glance. With a grin, they gave Feng Jiu a signal to go first and then followed her toward the path.

    Some of the students in the surrounding shook their heads. "Why is that pharmacy division student got stared at by those people? They are local tyrants and they have done a lot of such things in private."

    "It's no wonder. That youngster is a new student who knows nothing."

    "Shall I inform a teacher about this?"

    "It's none of our business. Why do we need to do so much? What if those people knew about it and tidy us up later?"

    Each of those students said like that. They only looked on but didn't intend to step in. However, not a long time after, they saw the young man in an azure robe came out from the path and going in the other direction. They were shocked.

    "How did the teenager come out? What about those people?"

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    One after another spoke in astonishment. Finally, unable to resist their own curiosity, they walked towards the path. But when they saw the scene on the path, they could not help but stare in amazement.

    This, this was a little different from what they had imagined...

    They saw several people were hanging upside down on the tree on the small path. Clothes were stripped off their bodies, only their underpants remained. All of them were unconscious while in that position like hanging tree lanterns. It was a very strange sight indeed.

    Those students gulped and asked, "Say, do you want to step forward and bring them down from the tree?"

    "Don't you have enough things to do? Anyway, they weren't tied up by us. What if they blame us later?"

    "Let's go quickly! These guys deserve it. Let them hang there and make a fool of themselves."

    Those students spoke, then had a second glance at the unconscious men hanging upside down on the tree. They made a quick exit as if they had never seen this scene.

    Meanwhile, Feng Jiu hummed a tune on her way to the Sky Building. Her steps slowed down, then she handed her identity jade card to the old man who guarded the building. Her eyes turned to tiny half-moons when she smiled. "Teacher, I am here to exchange for treasures."

    The old man took the jade card and glanced at the young man who asked for a treasure exchange. This was the first time someone had spoken so directly.

    "Every magical artifact has different contribution points. Go in and take a look! Find what you like and if your contribution point is enough, you can exchange it. " As the old man spoke, he registered the information on the jade medal.

    Alchemy division student, Feng Jiu, sixteen years old.

    "Thank you so much, Teacher."

    Feng Jiu took the jade card but did not step in. Instead, she looked at the old man, her eyes curved into small squint when she smiled. "Teacher, I heard from the students at the foot of the hill that you can advise students on how to choose magical artifacts? Well, according to you, what kind of weapon should I choose?"
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