668 Rainbow-coloured glazed feather

    The old man's eyebrows slightly rose up while looking at the young man in front of him: "Hearing from the students at the foot of the mountain? The old man has been here for so many years and only gave guidance to a few students. However, the students at the foot of the hill can't get this honour to receive my pointers."

    Hearing the old man's words, Feng Jiu's smile deepened. "Yes, I know that teachers do not often give advice, but any advice will help students pick out the most suitable treasure. Teacher, what do you think in my case? Which one is relatively suitable for me in the Sky Building?"

    She looked at him excitedly, expecting his advice.

    Seeing this, the old man unconsciously smiled. His face was solemn. Which student did not come here in a deferential and well-behaved manner? This shy youngster was also like that, pressing ahead for this opportunity.

    "All right, the old man is asking you, what kind of weapon do you want to pick?"

    "As a matter of fact, I can't fly. Thus, I'll choose a flying magical artifact, which is neither too luxurious nor too large. But it can be used as a means of transportation, to go in and out of places. It would be better if it can be used as a weapon or a tool for defence." She smiled sheepishly while looking at the old man with glistening eyes.

    "Tch! You've got a lot of demands there."

    He laughed disdainfully and glanced at Feng Jiu. "There is a mahogany box on the top shelf of the second floor. Inside, there is a rainbow-coloured glazed feather. When it recognizes the owner's blood, it can be used as a flying magical artifact and it can also be hung on the waist as an adornment. This feather is also equipped with a defence function. This magical artifact was made by a former magical artifact refiner at the academy. It can resist the three strikes of a Golden Core cultivator and a hit from a powerful Nascent Soul. There are many students looking at this rainbow-coloured glazed feather, but it needs 1.8 million contribution points to exchange."

    When he reached this point, he glanced at the young man. "Good stuff requires high contribution points. There are still stuff available that requires low contribution points. Go to the first building, the third row on the second floor. There is also a flying magical artifact that needs only 5,000 contribution points."

    "Thanks so much, Teacher."

    Feng Jiu respectfully gave him a salute. 1.8 million contribution points - it was close to the full amount of her entire fortune. She thought earlier that her contribution points were too numerous, it would take a long time to get those points exchanged. She wouldn't need to worry about those points. Unexpectedly, almost all of them were gone in one trip to the Sky Building.

    Rainbow-coloured glazed feather? She wanted to see what kind of feather it was and why it was worth so much.

    Following the old man's instruction, she came directly to the innermost shelf of the second building and took down a mahogany box at the top. When it opened, it was as if a rainbow of seven rays of light emerged into view. Its dazzling beauty made her fall in love at first sight.

    No women could refuse beautiful things. This feather was really beautiful. It was of palm-sized length and looked like an ordinary feather. The difference was it had seven coloured brilliant rays continuously flowing on the feather layer by layer, like ripples of water. It was dazzlingly beautiful.

    "This is it!" She picked up the mahogany box and walked out to the old man and put the box in front of him. "I'll exchange for this one, Teacher."

    The old man glanced at the mahogany box, asking, "Do you have that many contribution points?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Of course I have! I just returned from my mission." She grinned and again handed the jade card forward.

    The old man accepted it suspiciously. He didn't check the contribution points in the jade medal before, so he didn't know how many contribution points there were. When he looked at the figures, even he who had always kept a straight face could not help staring.
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