669 Did you hear?

    "You have this much? Doesn't the information on your identity jade card shows that you just entered the academy?" He couldn't restrain himself from asking. He stared at the young man. "What kind of backer do you have?"


    Feng Jiu was stunned. She scratched her head sheepishly with an innocent face. "I don't have any backer! I earned all these myself. It's the truth. I went to the Myriad Beasts Mountain Range to collect the contribution points of fire crystals. I just exchanged the points!"

    Was she that untrustworthy? She clearly spoke the truth, but nobody believed her?

    She shouldn't have told them that she went to the Myriad Beasts Mountain to collect fire crystals. The old man was even more stunned and looked at her incredulously when he heard that.

    Even while the old man was still very sceptical, he didn't say much. He helped Feng Jiu exchanged the points for the rainbow-coloured glazed feathers. After all, she had enough contribution points. There was no reason for him to refuse the exchange. However, he thought of getting someone to find out the information for him later. What's this young man's background? Was he a relative of the headmaster? Did the headmaster give him contribution points secretly?

    But he instantly rejected this idea as soon as it came to mind. It was impossible, and the headmaster was not that kind of person.

    After the exchange, Feng Jiu put a drop of her blood to be recognized as the feather's master. Then she took out a red ribbon and tied the treasure around her waist. She looked at the brilliant glazed feather on her waist. She couldn't help praising it. "It's truly beautiful."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Thank you for your guidance, Teacher. I'm leaving. I'll be back again." She waved and went to the Mystical Division followed by the old man's stare.

    Along the way, the students who met her cast their eyes on the feather at her waist. They were all astonished.

    The rainbow-coloured glaze feather was one of the three treasures in the Sky Building that students wanted to exchange the most. The rainbow-coloured glaze feather was refined by the academy's senior tool refiner before. Its feathers were almost weightless. The rainbow-like seven-coloured rays of light were like ripples of water flowing. It flowed layer upon layer like ripples of water, very beautiful.

    Its most desirable characteristic was that besides flying at an extremely fast speed, it could also withstand three attacks by Golden Core cultivators and one hit by a powerful Nascent Soul. It's a magic artifact that could save one's life.

    As far as they know, the Top Ten Proud Children of Heaven in the academy all focused their attention on the three treasures in the Sky Building. However, contribution points were not so easy to earn, especially the points to exchange for those three treasures were so high that ordinary students could not exchange for them even after a few decades.

    Unexpectedly, today they saw it at the waist of a Pharmacy Student in an azure robe. The news spread quickly in the academy almost at the speed of wind...

    "Did you know? One of the three treasures in the Sky Building, the rainbow-coloured glazed feather was exchanged by an azure-robed student."

    "Did you hear that? The rainbow-coloured glazed feathers were exchanged by a student from the Pharmacy Division. It was said that this student just came in this year."

    "I heard some people guessed that this azure-robed student have a strong backer."

    "Yes, otherwise how could it be possible for this year's new student to exchange the rainbow-coloured glazed feathers?"

    "The academy's teachers don't have the authority to give contribution points. It's very likely that this azure-robed student is the headmaster's or deputy headmaster's younger family member."

    "It's impossible. I heard that the headmaster's family is not in this area. Not to mention the family's younger generation."

    "The deputy headmaster's then. Otherwise, how did that student earn the 1.8 million contribution points for the feather?"

    I don't know, but I've heard that all the Ten Proud Children of Heaven in our academy knew about it. All of them have already gone to look for that azure-robed student."

    At the same time, Feng Jiu who didn't know that she had become the focus of attention at the academy, had arrived at the Mystical Division.
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