670 I’ll come back again later

    When she climbed the Mystical division's main peak, she saw students in groups of three or five people. Some were under the tree discussing the martial arts, some sitting on the grass chatting with a smile on their faces, some had both their feet hanging down from the tree with their head down the plant and their eyes closed without speaking, while some others...

    "Sigh! All are Nebula Academy students. Alchemy division simply can't be compared to the Mystical division!" She sighed softly. Feng Jiu felt keenly that this Mystical division's main peak area had so many people. Not just the number of people, the atmosphere was also lively and harmonious. It formed a strong contrast to her desolate Alchemy division.

    She stepped forward, her handsome face wore a smile that she thought inoffensive to people. She cupped her fists in a salute toward a student politely to make some inquiries. "Excuse me, may I ask..."

    At some distance away from the student, she saw him pointing at her while crying out involuntarily.

    "Look! Here's the youth in azure robe! He has come to our Mystical division!"

    As soon as this was said, the gazes of the people around her whizzed toward her. Even the man on the tree, who had his eyes closed and kept silence, turned over and stared at her with widened eyes.

    "Er... this, what are you doing? "

    She asked somewhat confusedly, looking at the students around her. She took a step back, but the path behind her was surrounded by people. They were all staring at her and then their gazes fell on the rainbow-coloured glazed feather that she wore around her waist.

    "What are you doing? I exchanged for it." She instinctively covered the feather on her waist and stared warily at the crowd.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Young fellow, what's your background? You've been in the academy in less than a month, yet already exchanged the rainbow-coloured glazed feather?"

    "What kind of background?"

    Feng Jiu was shocked. She answered innocently, "I have no powerful backing, but I earned it myself." In all honesty, she had done missions obediently to get these contribution points. Why did everyone asked her about her background?

    "Are you kidding? You earned it yourself? That rainbow-coloured glazed feather was stared at by the academy's Ten Proud Children of Heaven! They all couldn't make 1.8 million contribution points. Yet you, a rookie in the academy, make it in less than a month? Would anyone believe it?"

    Feng Jiu's lips curved. A rookie? She's called a rookie again. Even though she's a rookie, she's not food, okay?

    "This is what I earned myself. This feather has recognized me as a master with the drop of my blood. It's clear. If you don't believe me, I can't do anything. But even if you don't believe me, what does this have to do with me?" These people! Was it easy for her to exchange this feather? It cost her 1.8 million contribution points. She was also grieving!

    However, as soon as they heard this, they became angry and glowered at the innocent and wronged young man in front of them.

    "Why doesn't it matter? We can't exchange for it. You, a new student in the pharmacy division, exchanged for this treasure. Aren't you getting it through the back door?"

    "That is, the academy's Ten Proud Children of Heaven can't exchange for this treasure, but it's given to you, a rookie. Can it be none of our business?"

    "Senior Sister Zhou said that she wanted to exchange for this rainbow-coloured glazed feather ever since entering the academy. She tried hard to earn some contribution points for this feather. Say, wouldn't she be sad if she knew that the feather she liked was given to a rookie?"

    She saw those students had their face flushed with anger and spitting saliva while speaking in boiling fury. Feng Jiu stepped back to guard against their saliva while saying, "Don't get excited. I'll come back again later since I'm looking for someone."
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