672 How Shall I Address You Schoolmate?

    The crowd of students stared at the student on the floor who was unconscious after being punched. They glared in anger at the young boy as they thought that he was shameless and sneaky. How could he just punch someone and not even given any warning to prepare?

    "You dare to cause trouble in our Division. Come on brothers, hit him!"

    "We need to teach him a lesson and show him how lethal our Mystical Division is!"

    The students exclaimed angrily and waved their fists at the young boy as they surrounded him. Feng Jiu was startled by the outrage and ambush.

    "Hey, don't do anything rash!" She dodged and got through the body of a crowd in an instant. She was about to flee from the Mystical Division when she saw a man and a woman who rode in riding white cranes.

    "Ah, it's Senior Sister Zhou and Senior Brother Geng!"

    "Yes, they've really come!"

    "This kid is going to be in trouble!"

    "That's right. A new student who managed to exchange the rainbow-coloured glazed feather. They must have come to see where is kid has come from."

    "A new student who is able to get the attention of the Ten Proud Children of Heaven, he's not simple."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Hahaha, let's wait and see how they deal with him. Senior Sister Zhou and Senior Brother Geng are from the Spirit Division and have vast power and support backing them up. Taking an item they've set their sights on, this kid is in trouble."

    The two people who had arrived on the white cranes had not come down to the ground but lingered in midair. They looked down at the young boy in green clothes and when they saw the rainbow-coloured glazed feather on his waistband, their eyes glimmered.

    The man dressed in white on the white crane stared at Feng Jiu and asked: "How shall I address you schoolmate?

    Feng Jiu looked at the two people in midair with no intention of replying . Instead, she had pushed away the people in her way and was about to leave.

    What a joke? He really expected her to answer? What kind of person would use such a condescending attitude to ask a question? She couldn't be bothered with him.

    The students gasped as they watched as the young boy in green clothes glanced at Senior Brother Geng and turned to leave.

    This young boy in green clothes was just too arrogant. He actually dared to ignore Senior Brother Geng!

    When the man on the white crane saw this, he repeated his question frostily: "Schoolmate, how shall I address you?"

    The man's voice was not only cold, but it was also accompanied by a spiritual power of great strength that moved towards Feng Jiu.

    All the students in the Mystical Division felt the strength of the spiritual power in the air. However, the young boy in green clothes acted like it hadn't affected him and continued to walk away.

    "Hey, kid! Didn't you hear Senior Brother Geng ask you a question?"

    "Kid, don't you know the rules?"

    The students from the Mystical Division shouted and moved to surround Feng Jiu once again, blocking her path.

    Upon seeing this, Feng Jiu sighed and asked: "What are you all doing? We are all students from the same academy, why are you making things difficult for me? I'm trying to ignore you and move on, but you are still endlessly targeting me. Don't you know that even saints have tempers?"

    These people were not her equal as opponents, but yet, they still continued to push her boundaries. She was naturally kind and wouldn't normally attack weaker opponents.
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