675 I Have An Older Brother

    When she arrived back at the cave dwelling, she saw Little Black sat outside guarding the entrance obediently. Old White was wandering around outside, while Little Cloud was laid on the grass and didn't even lift his head to look up when she arrived.

    Was Ye Jing not awake yet? She was puzzled as she walked past the three beasts to enter the cave dwelling. Then she saw Ye Jing had already awoken and was sat at the stone table.

    "You're awake?" Since you're awake, why haven't you left yet? She did not say these words out loud.

    When Ye Jing looked back at the young boy, she saw the rainbow-coloured glazed feather on his waistband and couldn't help but wonder: "How did you get that?"

    Feng Jiu smiled and sat down at the stone table. She removed the rainbow-coloured glazed feather from her waistband and played with it in her hands: "Obviously I earned the contribution points and exchanged it for this!"

    Ye Jing was taken aback when she heard this. She remembered how the big black sacred beast had listened to his commands earlier and her lips twitched but she didn't ask any further even though she found it unbelievable.

    However, when she had left the Myriad Beasts Mountain Range with this young boy, all the beasts turned and ran away from them when they saw him. She was unable to explain the strange phenomenon.

    This boy did not look formidable at all, and he ran away from her when she chased him in the streets back then. But he seemed to have a way of dealing with beasts.

    "Many students have set their sights on this rainbow-coloured glazed feather. You need to be careful and watch your back. They might cause trouble for you." She warned him in a soft voice.

    "Oh, I know." She smiled but didn't tell her about the situation that happened earlier. She nearly didn't make it back.

    As she looked at the tall young boy, she smiled warmly and said: "Thank you." The boy waved his hands and she asked: "You must be the new student in the Alchemy Division that enrolled this year."

    "Yeah." She took out two fruits from within her sleeve and tossed one over to her.

    Ye Jing caught the fruit and continued asking: "I still don't know your name. Can you tell me what it is?"

    "Feng Jiu."

    "I am Ye Jing." She smiled and continued: "You know that already."

    "Yeah, I know. One of the Ten Proud Children of Heaven and also the beauty of the academy." She smiled and nodded, then said: "Definitely deserve the label of the beauty of the academy."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Ye Jing couldn't help but smile: "What beauty of the academy? It's just a joke that the students of the academy made up."

    Feng Jiu stared at her for a long time. Her eyes crinkled as she smiled and said: "Can I ask you something?"

    Ye Jing felt a little embarrassed at being stared and replied: "What do you want to ask?"

    This young boy was so beautiful, but gave people a strange feeling. Although he was staring at her, but his eyes were not filled with covetting and lust, just appreciation. It was really something different.

    "Are you engaged to be married? Is there someone you like?"


    Ye Jing was shocked as she hadn't expected the young boy to ask her this. She blushed. If it weren't for the innocent look in the young boy's eyes, she would have thought that he was interested in her!

    "I am not engaged to be married, nor do I like anyone." She felt embarrassed by this conversation, and she asked: "Why are you asking me this?"

    "Ah ha, this is good. Let me tell you!"

    She looked at her intently, more satisfied with each passing moment: "I have a brother called Guan Xilin. He is quite good looking and has a strong physique. His personality is great and is responsible and very strong. Would you consider him? He's really good."
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