679 It’s absolutely impossible

    "Stop it!"

    The thunderous bellow came from the sky and a powerful pressure swept away at the surrounding area, causing the people below to stagger several steps backwards. Their blood churned as if rushing to their throats. They looked up at the sky in fright and immediately shriveled at the sight.

    "That's the deputy headmaster!"

    "Why is the deputy headmaster coming here?"

    "Even the deputy headmaster has been alerted about this matter!"

    Feng Jiu looked up and saw the old man come flying in with a teacher. In the blink of an eye, he landed in front of the cave-dwelling. When she saw the old man coming towards her, her eyes flickered with surprise, the corner of her lips twitched, and she retreated a few steps backwards.

    "Who led the riot here?" The vice headmaster glared at the students who lowered their heads and yelled, "Do you want to be expelled from the academy? Quickly go away!"

    When people heard the word "expelled", they were so frightened that their palms were sweaty. They did not dare to stay. They left in a hurry. Needless to say, all of them ran away and no one stayed behind.

    Seeing this, the teacher who came with the deputy headmaster shook his head and sighed. Then he looked at the young man in an azure robe standing at the cave dwelling.

    "Hehe, Feng Jiu, ah. Won't you open the boundary and let me in?" The deputy headmaster smiled with his eyes narrowed into a crescent as he looked goofily at Feng Jiu. Seeing the young man again, he only felt happy.

    This young man's strength and talents he had seen with his own eyes. He was confident that, if he had any say, their Nebula Academy would come at the top of all the academies at the triennial academy competition.

    Feng Jiu scratched her head and smiled sheepishly. She then opened the boundary and let him in. "Deputy Headmaster Guan, long time no see."

    "This old man has been waiting for you for a long time and thought you were all right. I didn't expect you to come to the Alchemy Division." He walked in with a smile and took a quick look at the cave dwelling. Afterwards, he looked at Feng Jiu. "Are you still refining pills?"

    "Hehe, I'm still learning, I'm still learning."

    Old Guan sat down at the stone table and looked at Feng Jiu. "Yes, I heard that you went to the Mystical Division. I also knew you were looking for your brother."

    Hearing this, Feng Jiu was surprised. "Did my brother take the token directly to the academy?" That's impossible, right? She knew what kind of person he was. Even though he could enter through the back door, based on his personality, he would want to use his own strength.

    "Hehe, that's not true. It's like this..."

    Old Guang smiled and told Feng Jiu about Guan Xilin's admission to the academy. Finally, he said, "Since he is your sworn big brother, I want to take care of him and let him go temper himself at the Mystical Pagoda. So he is not in the Mystical Division now."

    When she heard his explanation, she was immediately enlightened. "Oh, so that's the case. I thought I made so much commotion at the Mystical Division, yet he still didn't come out!"

    "You're buried at the Alchemy Division. I'd like to transfer you to the Spirit Division. What do you think?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "No! That won't work!"

    While Feng Jiu still hadn't answered, two voices were heard from outside. When they looked back, the two alchemy teachers who helped assess her that day rushed in.

    "Deputy headmaster, Feng Jiu is the student the two of us recruited. He is the only student in the Alchemy division. We have high hopes for him. How can you transfer him to the Spirit Division? Going there is the only way to bury his talent for Alchemy. This is absolutely impossible, absolutely impossible."

    They rushed in, pulled Feng Jiu directly behind them, and stared at the deputy headmaster as if guarding Feng Jiu against him. Both the deputy headmaster and Feng Jiu were stunned.
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