680 Primal Chaos mental cultivation method

    After the deputy headmaster recovered from his shock, he told the two teachers, "You don't understand. He won't be buried at the Spirit division. Moreover, before he entered the academy, this old man has met him and gave him the star token to let him enrol at Nebula. Who knew that he would escape to the Alchemy division. Thus, I'd like to transfer him to the Spirit division."

    "No, no. If he transfers to the Spirit division, what about us at the Alchemy division? He was the student we have recruited with difficulty. He was the only student in our division. If we transfer him to the Spirit division, would it not be that the Alchemy division...."

    The two alchemy teachers were anxious. It was not easy for them to recruit a student, yet the deputy headmaster unexpectedly ordered him to transfer to the Spirit division? How could that be possible?

    Outside, the big black bear and Old White looked inside the cave-dwelling then walked away.

    The deputy headmaster and the two alchemy teachers were arguing inside the cave-dwelling. Seeing this, Feng Jiu quietly prepared to slip out of the cave. Before she even put her foot out the door, the deputy headmaster shouted loudly from behind.

    "It will work! Don't argue, they are all academy students anyway, let's do it this way! "

    While the deputy headmaster was speaking, he looked toward Feng Jiu. But he noticed that this young man had reached the entrance of the cave. He shook his head. "Feng Jiu, you can stay in the Alchemy division, but you must participate in the academy's competition."

    "Deputy headmaster, that's not very good. I..." She was interrupted before finishing her speech.

    "There's nothing wrong with that. It's settled. You can give a report to the Spirit division tomorrow. Mm, that's settled." He spoke and said no more. He went out directly and left on his flying sword.

    The two alchemy teachers saw Feng Jiu's puzzled expression and asked her, "What is your rank as a Spirit energy cultivator?" There were so many people in the academy, but the deputy headmaster just stared at this young man. Was his spirit cultivation talent very heaven-defying?

    "This....at self-defence level, I presume." She answered sheepishly, as she couldn't use her spirit energy at the moment. Yet, she got squeezed into the Spirit division. All she knew was that it was urgent to find a way to breakthrough.

    Then, the two alchemy teachers asked her about her recent basic learning of alchemy. They also told her that if she did not understand, she could ask them. They reassured her that the Alchemy division depended on her here. They will let her work hard. Finally, they left together.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Sigh! What should I do?" She lay on the grass under the trees outside the cave-dwelling and sighed, feeling a severe case of headache.

    Fire Phoenix was still cultivating. Otherwise, she could ask it what happened to the green lotus. But now, she did not even have a person to discuss it with.

    "Right, the academy's library may have the answer I want!" She jumped up and went straight to the library.

    She stayed in the library for three days and three nights. She stayed the whole time there without coming out of the library. She almost finished reading all the books concerned. Finally, she got a rough idea in the end.

    She looked exhausted after three days and three nights without rest, but her eyes shone brightly.

    It's the primal chaos blue lotus for sure! With the primal chaos blue lotus, she could cultivate her primal chaos skill. The two were in harmony. Primal chaos skill could nourish primal chaos blue lotus!

    With this in mind, she quickly returned to the cave-dwelling, flashed into the spatial space and found a dilapidated book in the skills left to her by her master.

    "That's it!"

    She looked excitedly at the old book containing the primal chaos mental cultivation method in her hands. Although her master didn't teach her anything, he really left her a lot of treasures. Every skill in it was a treasure that could not be obtained outside even by giving up one's life.
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