681 The two beasts’ deeds

    After discovering the mental cultivation method, she practised it right away inside the space. The spirit aura in the space was stronger than the outside, making the cultivation speed much faster. Therefore, she was immersed in the practice and forgot about the matters in the world outside. She emerged half a month later.

    "Feng Jiu? Is Feng Jiu here?"

    Ye Jing cried out outside the cave-dwelling. Because the cave-dwelling was protected by the boundaries, she wasn't able to enter and could only call her out from outside.

    Inside the space, Feng Jiu heard movement outside and slowly opened her eyes. She had not cultivated for so long, but her spirit became better and better. Spurred by the primal chaos core method, her spirit energy could finally work.

    As for the green lotus, it was enveloped by a layer of grey mist due to her practice of the primal chaos core method. The mist prevented the green lotus from automatically absorbing the spirit energy in her body.

    "Nourishing the green lotus can't be accomplished in just one day. It's impossible to make it blossom in a short time. In this case, I can only cultivate while nourishing it with my spirit energy at the same time."

    She murmured softly. She got up and looked at the Little Fire Phoenix who was still deep in cultivation. The little guy looked like it's asleep inside a ball of fire. Its figure could only be seen vaguely inside it.

    Hearing the call from outside, Feng Jiu emerged inside the cave. She looked down at her wrinkled azure robe. She pulled and stretch at random to open the boundaries and went out.

    "Ye Jing? Why are you here?" Feng Jiu was surprised to see her. Unexpectedly, she really did come to look for her.

    "Didn't you tell me to come here often?"

    Ye Jing smiled and walked toward her. "Actually, I didn't come here today for a chat. The teacher told me to come and take a look. He said that the deputy headmaster asked you to report to the Spirit division. Why didn't you come by after such a long time?"


    Feng Jiu was stunned. She tapped her forehead and spoke with regret, "I totally forgot about it! I've been busy lately. I tend to be forgetful when I'm busy."

    Ye Jing compressed her lips in a smile. "Then, come with me quickly! People in the Spirit division are all curious about you."

    "Then wait for me. I'll wash up and get a change of clothes. I haven't taken a bath for nearly half a month. My whole body stinks" She pulled her azure robe and took a sniff with a look of disgust.

    Ye Jing laughed gently. "Alright, then I'll wait for you under the tree. Hurry up." So she went toward the big black bear that was guarding under the tree and sat beside it.

    She was not as afraid of this big black bear named Little Black as she was in the Myriad Beasts Mountain Range. She was at ease because she knew that this beast would not harm her.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Feng Jiu saw her sitting beside Little Black and talking with it. She smiled. Suddenly, as if she recalled something, she looked around. She did not see Old White nor the Little Cloud Devouring Beast.

    Where did the two beasts go?

    She didn't pay much attention to them recently and had no idea where they went to make trouble. But after some thoughts, no matter where they went, they should still stick around the Alchemy division's hilltop. They would not go anywhere else, so she didn't care much.

    About the time it took one column of an incense stick to burn, Feng Jiu put a fresh change of clothes after bathing and told Little Black to guard the cave dwelling. She then left for the Spirit division with Ye Jing.

    Shortly after they left, Old White, its belly round after having a full meal, ambled toward home with the Little Cloud Devouring Beasts on its back.

    When the big black bear saw the two beasts come back, it ran up excitedly and called out with a loud clamour.

    Old White shot a glance at the bear. When it opened its mouth, it spat out a heap of spirit herbs along with roots and leaves.
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