682 Do you carry any treasures?


    When the big black bear saw those spirit herbs, it cried out excitedly. It immediately sat down on the grass and grabbed them. Many of them were spirit ginseng. There was a great variety of ginseng, some were coarse, some were thin. The thinnest one was no bigger than a finger.

    One of the three beasts was eating while the other two were watching. It was obviously not the first time this had been done.

    Originally, since they came here, there was nothing to eat in the Alchemy Division. They ran to the neighbouring Pharmacy Division mountain peak to steal spirit herbs and spirit fruits.

    Besides the spirit herbs, the Pharmacy Division mountain peak also had a kind of spirit fruit. Those who ate it just once would get addicted. Naturally, there would be a next time. Additionally, the two beasts' ranks were not low and had an incredible speed. When they committed the bad deeds, one of them stole while the other one was on the lookout. This past month, nobody could catch them making a mess in the mountain peak.

    Moreover, Old White had also developed a new speciality in picking spirit fruits and spirit herbs stealthily. As long as the horse swallowed something without chewing it, the stuff can be stored in its stomach. Once the thing was spat out, it would remain intact.

    Its stomach was like a portable cosmos sack. However, unlike the cosmos sack, the newly picked spirit herbs would remain fresh even after several days kept inside its stomach.

    Little Black became the little brother of the two beasts. It was responsible for guarding the cave dwelling. Naturally, they would bring back things they stole from the Pharmacy Division mountain peak. In just half a month, Little Black was fed every day with spirit herbs and spirit ginseng, which also strengthened its body a lot.

    Those at the Pharmacy Division never imagined that the thieves who stole their spirit herbs were not humans but two beasts.

    Meanwhile, Ye Jing came to the Spirit Division with Feng Jiu in tow. When they came in, each one of those students fixed their gazes on Feng Jiu. At a glance, they knew that the azure-robed young man was the new student who subdued dozens of students when he visited the Mystical Division.

    He was the same person who exchanged the rainbow-coloured glazed feather, one of the three treasures of the Sky Building.

    The crowd's eyes paused for a moment on the handsome young man's face. Then, they shifted their gazes toward his waist. It couldn't be refuted that the feather's brilliant lights and vibrant colours made this man's appearance even more outstanding and difficult to ignore.

    "The Spirit Division has four kinds of students. The academy valued sky-rank students most. Each of the students passed through a very thorough selection process. You are personally picked by the deputy headmaster. As long as you sign up for registration, you'll be a sky-rank student at the Spirit Division."

    As she spoke, Ye Jing took Feng Jiu to the teacher at a registration room. She stopped outside the Division building and told Feng Jiu, "It's inside this building, you go in! I'm waiting for you here."

    Feng Jiu nodded. She went to the registration room, recorded her name and other information, and finally left with her jade card.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Seeing the jade card, Ye Jing walked forward with a smile. "Let me take you to the Spirit Division and get you familiar with it."

    When they came out, they saw that the outside was surrounded by many Spirit Division's students from different ranks. They stared at Feng Jiu with ill intentions.

    Seeing this, Ye Jing was about to open her mouth but she was blocked by a sky-rank student.

    "Junior sister Ye Jing, we'd like to have some discussions with the new student. Don't interfere, just watch."

    As soon as the student's words fell, several women came out and took Ye Jing to one side.

    Seeing this, Feng Jiu could not help stroking her chin and asked, "Do you carry any treasures?"
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