684 Did we bully her?

    Ye Jing heard her call. She saw Bai Ruofei standing not far away. Her smile froze and she nodded at her indifferently. "Ruofei."

    After the greeting, she told Feng Jiu, "Let's go!"

    Feng Jiu looked at the two women playfully and nodded, "Mm." Without saying anything, she left together with her. However, when they passed by the place where Bai Ruofei stood, she stood in front of Ye Jing and blocked her way.

    "Ah Jing, why are you ignoring me these days?" Bai Ruofei said with a slight grievance, stretching out a hand to shake Ye Jing's sleeve softly.

    "I've been busy recently."

    Even though her face still showed her usual gentle expression, she looked a bit pale. "If there's nothing else," she said quietly, "we'll leave. I'm going to take him to the Spirit division."

    "I have nothing to do. Let me join you!"

    She looked at Feng Jiu who stood nearby and revealed a smile that she considered to be sweet and pleasant. "So you're Feng Jiu? I'm Bai Ruofei. You can call me Ruofei or Little Fei."

    Feng Jiu regarded her with a speculating gleam in her eyes. "I think Little White Flower suits you the best."

    "Huh?" She wondered what that meant.

    Feng Jiu's smile deepened."Mm, it's definitely Little White Flower. It's a delicate and soft little white flower that arouses people's pity."

    When she heard the young man's explanation and saw the young man's alluring eyes staring straight at her, Bai Ruofei's face blushed. She dropped her gaze slightly and caught sight at the rainbow-coloured glazed feather at the young man's waist.

    It was rumoured all over the school that this young man possessed a powerful backer. His strength was unknown but the backer's existence was true. Otherwise, how could he have exchanged the rainbow-coloured glazed feather that the Ten Proud Children of Heaven couldn't?

    Moreover, the deputy headmaster also went to the Alchemy division to personally find him and insisted on transferring him as a sky-rank Spirit division student. It was reported that he was the only one in the whole academy to dominate two divisions.

    He was both a student at the Alchemy and Spirit division. This was something Nebula had not seen in years.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Ye Jing only looked at Feng Jiu without saying anything.

    It was Feng Jiu who called her attention to the matter that same day and she only then noticed. When she came back, she naturally noticed that something went wrong. She didn't expect this treatment since she considered her as a good sister. Recently, she deliberately alienated her.

    "I am Ah Jing's good sister. Her friends are my friends." She looked at the young man with a sweet smile.

    Feng Jiu glanced at the identity jade card at Ruofei's waist. "Aren't you an earth-rank student? I heard that different ranks study and cultivate at different locations. Is that correct, Ye Jing?"

    Ye Jing nodded. "Mm. heaven-rank students have black jade cards, while earth-rank white jade, mystical-rank green jade, and yellow-rank yellow jade. Different ranks also have different subjects to study. Sky-rank students are considered seeded students. Without exception, we focused on training."

    Hearing this, Bai Ruofei's face turned from red to white. She looked at Ye Jing in embarrassment. Then she lowered her head. "I, I recalled that I have something else to do. I won't accompany you anymore." She whispered, running away with red eyes as if she had been wronged.

    Feng Jiu clicked her tongue. "Sigh, this Little White Flower is so quick to cry. Have we bullied her? It didn't seem so, right?" She asked Ye Jing.

    "No, we were just telling the truth." She glanced at the person who had run away and withdrew her gaze indifferently.
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