904 Spiritual Realm

    When they had gotten inside, they saw not only the Deputy Headmaster, but also two other teachers and Mo Chen. The other students had also arrived and gathered inside. Only the Deputy Headmaster, the two teachers and Mo Chen were sitting in the middle of the courtyard while the students stood by the side.

    "Deputy Headmaster, Teachers, Young Master Mo Chen." The few of them greeted them as they entered.

    "We have come over to talk to you about a matter." The Deputy Headmaster said as he looked at everyone and smiled: "This afternoon, the Deputy Headmasters of a few academies and the Headmaster of the Two Star Academy had a discussion and the students who have come to take part in the competition will have a benefit."

    He looked at everyone and laughed: "The Two Star Academy has a spiritual realm where a massive spiritual formation has been laid out. The spiritual formation has been condensed with spiritual stones. It's power is so extraordinary that it can be said that it is a sacred place for cultivation for the Two Star Academy students. Students' spiritual energy flow faster when they cultivate in there, much faster than if they were to cultivate outside of there. After discussing with the Two Star Academy Headmaster, it has been decided that all the students who have come to take part in the competition will be able to cultivate in there over the next two weeks."

    "You will enter tonight, so go and pack your things and prepare. In addition, this will also inspire you to cultivate the combativeness within your bodies. The Two Star Academy Headmaster will give each of you ten spirit stones. In the next two weeks, you can rob each other and fight with each other, but you must not kill anyone. At the end of the two weeks, the person with the most spirit stones will be exempt from battle and enter straight into the final ten competitions."

    Everyone looked at each other once they heard this news. Ouyang Xiu asked: "Does this mean that the competition has been brought forward?"

    "Yes, you can say so." The Deputy Headmaster stroked his beard and nodded.

    "We only have two weeks' time. We have to protect our spirit stones and take spirit stones from others, there is no time to cultivate at all." Feng Jiu frowned as she felt that her guard would have to be up against others, there would be no time to cultivate at all.

    "Hahaha, this spiritual realm is a sacred place in the Two Star Academy, not just any Two Star Academy student can enter this place. It is no easy feat for them to allow you to enter, so of course they wouldn't allow you to spend all your time in there just for cultivating. After all, no matter how abundant the spiritual power is inside, it is also the cohesive energy of the spiritual stones that creates the spiritual formation and energy. The more people enter the realm to cultivate, the faster the spiritual stones and formation will deplete."

    The Deputy Headmaster replied with a smile as he looked at them: "This spiritual realm is where spiritual energy is the most abundant, right in the spiritual formation. If you can find that place, you can cultivate there. I'm sure that it will be of great assistance to you. Okay, you better go and prepare your things. We will wait for you all outside."

    After he had finished speaking, he walked outside with the two teachers. Mo Chen glanced at her like he had something to say, but in the end, he said nothing and left with the Deputy Headmaster and two teachers.

    Nie Teng's gaze was cold as he stared at Mo Chen walking out, then he glanced at Feng Jiu and went into his room.

    "Ye Jing, Zhou Xun, do you need to go back to your rooms? If you have anything in your rooms, it's better to take them with you." Feng Jiu said to both of them.

    They shook their heads: "No, we haven't unpacked anything yet, we have them with us."

    Älright then, you can rest for a bit, I need to go back to pack." She turned and went back to her room to put the things she had unpacked back into her space.
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