686 How Did You Know?

    They could never have imagined that the girl they were looking for was at the Nebula Academy at this point in time, disguised as a boy. She had managed to avoid getting noticed, and had already met Mo Chen a while ago...Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Early this morning, Feng Jiu had gone to the kitchen and stole some food, then sat on her flying feather and headed towards the Spirit Division. Once she had found Ye Jing, she took her to an isolated area and gave her a bag of piping hot steamed meat buns.

    "Here, they're for you." She gestured and put one of the meat buns in her hands.

    Ye Jing stared at the piping hot meat buns in shock and asked: "Did you go to the kitchen to steal these buns?"

    Feng Jiu covered her mouth immediately and looked around: "Shhh, don't let anyone hear you. What do you mean by steal? I just took them."

    Ye Jing pushed her hand away from her mouth and said: "You are too daring. If you are caught, you will be severely punished."

    "Hehe, well then you should eat quickly. Once you've finished eating the buns, no one will know." Her eyes crinkled up with mischievously as she spoke.

    Ye Jing didn't know what else to do but eat the bun. She passed the bag of buns over to Feng Jiu and said: "Help me eat them up."

    "I've already eaten." She had eaten and taken the buns from the basket that help dozens of buns.

    "You go ahead and eat. I will keep a lookout for you." She looked around and made sure no one came over.

    It was the first time she had eaten stolen food. She felt excited and nervous. Even though the piping hot buns smelled delicious, she couldn't taste anything because she gobbled the buns down so quickly. She wiped her mouth with a handkerchief.

    "Ye Jing, when did you know?" She raised her eyebrows and asked Ye Jing who was busy wiping her mouth.

    "Know what?" She lifted her sleeves up to check if they smelled of steamed buns and didn't even look up.

    "Don't pretend. If you didn't know, why would you dare to be so close to me all the time?"

    Ye Jing looked up in surprise then looked at her and smiled: "After I left, something didn't feel right. I thought about it and finally guessed it."

    "How did you guess?" She never displayed any signs of being a girl, so how did she guess?

    "You can't tell by your mannerisms, but your hands are soft and smooth unlike a man's. And..."

    Her eyes landed on her earlobes: "Even though you have covered it up, when you approached me the other day I noticed your earhole and a woman's fragrance on you."

    Feng Jiu was surprised. So that was how. No one had noticed such a tiny detail, but she did. She was really attentive to detail.

    "It was just a guess at first. If you let me touch you, I will definitely be able to be able to tell for certain." Her gaze fell onto Feng Jiu's flat chest as she spoke.

    Feng Jiu wrapped her arms around her chest and smiled: "Don't you even dare think about it."

    "Don't worry, there will be opportunities in the future." She smiled at the boy who with feminine features and sighed. Only God knew how shocked she was when she guessed this revelation.

    She didn't think it was possible for a girl to display such carefree demeanours and exuberate such sinister charm. But she was able to do it.

    She could only accept that Feng Jiu was a person who with ever-changing personalities.
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