688 I’m A Little Embarrassed To Say I

    "You must be Feng Jiu."

    He stared at the young boy as he recognised that he was the one whom the deputy headmaster spoke of. His gaze swept up and down the boy quickly and was surprised that he could not detect any spiritual power.

    Is it hidden? He was puzzled and tried to use his spirit intent to test the young boy's strength. However, he had not expected that even with the use of his spirit intent, he was unable to detect any spiritual power from the young boy. This really got his attention.

    "How are you teacher? My name is Feng Jiu." She stepped forward and bowed respectfully.

    Teacher Lu nodded and said: "What category does your spiritual power belong to?" He paused and then continued: "I heard that you are also a student from the Alchemy Division. In that case, it must be fire based? Or is it something else?"

    "This..." She thought about it and replied: "I don't think I have tested it yet, I don't remember."

    Teacher Lu was startled: "You have never tested your spiritual powers? Even your family? What about your mentor, did he not mention it?"

    Feng Jiu smiled: "I have only cultivated my spiritual power and never had a mentor. I just.... Practiced by myself."

    When the students heard Feng Jiu's words, they were all startled. Even Teacher Lu's eyes opened in surprise.

    "No, no mentor? You rank is....."

    He didn't have a mentor and yet he didn't over-cultivate. This boy must have amazing luck!

    Upon seeing the teacher's expression, Feng Jiu shook her head and said: "Yes! I practiced based on the luring air method and became a great spirit master that way."

    She didn't know how to control the spiritual power. When she fought, she usually used mystical power. She mainly used her spiritual power to channel the energy to refine pills. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Her LIttle Fire Phoenix had an ancient sacred fire within its body that she couldn't understand. Whenever she used her spiritual powers, it had always been with the spur of her will and intention and there had never been any problems.

    Moreover, she hadn't been cultivating her spiritual power for that long. It was just because her body had mystical energy, so the combination of both powers helped her spiritual strength increase faster.

    As soon as the students heard her explanation, their faces turned red and their eyes opened wide. They shouted out: "Abnormal!"

    What did he mean by becoming a great spirit master just by practising his power?

    All the Sky Rank students had been carefully trained and taught by excellent mentors provided by their families. This kid... This kid actually had the cheek to say that he had practised by his own to become a great spirit master! Was he trying to insult them?

    At this point, Teacher Lu was also left speechless. He had taught many talented students over the years, but he had never met anyone quite like this young boy who became a great spirit master with no guidance.

    In his advancement, he didn't over-cultivate or go astray. The thought of that would make anyone break out in cold sweat!

    Even Ye Jing was quite surprised as she thought that Feng Jiu was at most a spirit master. After all, she had chased him through the market streets and she hadn't even been able to defend herself. When she heard what was said next, even her expression changed.

    "Then, Feng Jiu, have you only just entered the great spirit master level? What is your great spirit master rank?" Teacher Lu asked, his eyes were full of anticipation as he looked at Feng Jiu. It was really difficult to see through this boy's intentions and thoughts.


    She glanced at the teacher, and at the red faced Sky Rank students behind her, then looked directly at a wide-eyed student and replied: "I'm too embarrassed to say it." She was afraid they wouldn't be able to take the blow when she told them.
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