690 Five elements spiritual roots

    Seeing that Teacher Lu took out a device for testing, Feng Jiu paused for a short time then went forward.

    "Come here, put your hand on this device and pour your spirit energy aura." Teacher Lu looked at the young man in front of him with great expectations. He was very curious. What was the attribute of the youth? Would it be a single fire spiritual root?

    With his talent and speed of cultivation, his having sky spiritual root had a greater possibility. Only those possessing sky spiritual roots could cultivate their spirit energy at a faster speed.

    Take these seeded students for example. Each of them only had a single spiritual root. Otherwise, it was impossible for them to reach the level of Great Spirit Master in their teens and twenties.

    When the other students saw Teacher Lu take out the testing device, they could not only come forward and stand encircling them both.

    They also wanted to know what kind of attribute Feng Jiu had.

    [Since he could refine immortal pills, his body should have fire attributes. Would it be a single fire attribute?]

    Ye Jing stood beside Feng Jiu. Watching Feng Jiu stretch out her hand on top of the device and pour out her spirit energy, Ye Jing could not help holding her breath and feeling tense.

    Compared with their nervousness and expectation, Feng Jiu felt nothing out of the ordinary. Her master said that she had the mystical spirit body. Her cultivation speed was ten times that of others. As for her root attribute, he didn't tell her anything about it.

    Obviously, as long as she cultivated her spirit energy well, the control of her attributes should not be difficult. Therefore, she was not at all worried about what spiritual attribute she had.

    After she injected her spirit energy, a burst of flame rose from the device. She immediately thought of getting one of the device to bring back to the Phoenix Empire. This way, her men could also get their spiritual attributes tested.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Look! Fire attribute. He has the fire attribute..."

    Before the student finished his speech, a tiny vortex emerged on the testing device which then formed a wind current. Everyone seeing the change was in a daze.

    "Wind attribute? Does he also have the wind attribute? Hiss! Everyone, look! That's the wood attribute!"

    Someone cried out in alarm. A verdant life force came into being and the wood attribute emerged. This time, the crowd became quiet because each one had their eyes widened and their face astonished.

    They saw that after the verdant life force of the wood attribute emerged, the metal and the water attributes materialized one after another. Finally, even the earth attribute also appeared. Seeing all these, the crowd was so agitated. At last, they could see that all five elements were present. None was prominent, all five elements were equal. All the people in the crowd were speechless.

    Who said he was a person of great talent? Who says he's a perverse genius? This was clearly a five-elements good-for-nothing!

    Seeing everyone stared at her like seeing a ghost, Feng Jiu withdrew her hand. She felt nothing bad about the five elements. At least, others could only use one attribute while she had five of them.

    "Teacher Lu?" Seeing the teacher in front of him sighing with pity, Feng Jiu repeated her question. "What happened?"


    Teacher Lu sighed at the young man in front of him. "What a pity, what a pity. The Five Elements attribute is the worst spiritual root in spirit energy cultivation. It was also known as an adulterated spiritual root. Not only cultivating is slow, but also entering the foundation building is very difficult. What a pity. Truly unfortunate."

    He shook his head and sighed. He felt that such a young man with the Great Spirit Master rank should have met good luck. However, he was afraid that his immortal path would stop here.
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