692 I’ll cover you

    Feng Jiu smiled and saluted him respectfully. "Thank you for your guidance. I understand."

    Teacher Lu nodded and left.

    "Feng Jiu..." Ye Jing looked at her with worries in her eyes.

    Feng Jiu chuckled. "What are you anxious about? Are you worried that with these adulterated spiritual roots, I won't be able to build my foundation? You forgot, my cultivation is currently higher than yours."

    Seeing her still having the same expression without being dispirited from having the adulterated spiritual roots, Ye Jing calmed down. "Mm, the world is so big. There will be opportunities, even if you have an adulterated spiritual root, maybe in the future, there will be opportunities to build foundations and even enter the Golden Core rank."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Mm, the world is so big, I want to see it!" She squinted and looked up at the sky. In the Eight Supreme Empire, which was far above the nations, there was another person who had a ten-year pact with her.

    Ten-year pact? Would she let herself remain in these countries for ten years? The answer was no.

    In the following days, rumours about Feng Jiu's adulterated spiritual roots quickly spread. If it were someone else, the academy students wouldn't pay so much attention. However, this was Feng Jiu, the person who exchanged for the rainbow-coloured glazed feather as soon as he entered the academy. He also made the Mystical division students suffered losses without being able to attack back. He was the person that the deputy headmaster attached great importance to. Even when he was a student at the Alchemy Division, he was transferred to the Spirit Division as a sky-rank student.

    The public paid attention to almost all of his every move. However, when the news spread, all of them rejoiced in his misfortune.

    After the day of registration and attending a class the next day, Feng Jiu did not go to the Spirit division the following days because she was busy with her cultivation. She had no time to inquire about the news.

    Guan Xilin had not yet come out of the Mystical Pagoda. But on that day, Xiao Yihan came to visit.

    "Little Brother Feng? Little Brother Feng?"

    He shouted from outside the cave dwelling, looking with surprise at the big black bear of the divine rank that was guarding it.

    He had heard a lot about Feng Jiu these days. Besides a weird horse and a fluffy-like-ball pet, there's also a terrifying big black bear here, so that those who want to trouble him didn't dare come to provoke him when he hid inside the cave-dwelling.

    Mm, that's right. He hadn't seen Feng Jiu walking around in the academy recently. Everyone said he's hiding and dare not see anybody.

    "Big Brother Xiao?" Feng Jiu opened the boundary and came out, somewhat surprised at his arrival. "Why are you here?"

    "What? I can't come here?"

    He smiled. "I just came back from my mission. When I heard you were here, I'm looking for you to go for a drink together. You see, I even brought roast chickens." He took the two packages of roasted chicken out of the space with a smile.

    Feng Jiu invited him into the cave dwelling. Unexpectedly, he waved his hand extravagantly. "We are not outsiders. Come here, let's drink under the tree. ."

    She could only smile and sat on the grass under the tree.

    "Don't you know? I am also a sky-rank student at the Spirit Division. However, when you went to class that day, I was not present. Since I did not meet you and then took a mission outside, I am here to see you. Isn't that great?"

    He took out two small bowls from his bag and poured some wine. "I've heard about your adulterated spiritual roots to. It's no big deal. Rest assured. If someone in the academy creates some troubles for you, just tell me. I'll help you tidy him up."
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