693 Fury at the Pharmacy Division’s Mountain Peak

    Feng Jiu smiled. "Okay, I'll remember that."

    She held up the bowl with both hands and looked at him with a profound gaze. "Big Brother Xiao, I respect you."

    I respect you for coming to invite me to drink when everyone else shunned me.

    I respect you for daring enough to stand up for me even though we're just a casual acquaintance.

    This sentiment was noted down by Feng Jiu.

    "Hahaha, come, let's do it!"

    He laughed loudly, raised his bowl and drank it up. Two people were drinking, eating meat, and chatting under the tree. On the other side, three beasts were lying on the grass and swallowing until their saliva dried up...

    On the other side, the headmaster was tasting tea with the deputy headmaster and Mo Chen. The headmaster and deputy headmaster were talking about the recent events in the academy, while Mo Chen was just listening quietly.

    "Sigh! This is really unexpected, Feng Jiu's strength is outstanding and his progress is extraordinary. How can he possess the adulterated five elements spiritual roots?" The deputy headmaster shook his head, somewhat unable to accept the fact.

    "Perhaps he had encountered some good luck. Otherwise, how could he advance so quickly? As you and I know, it's difficult for those with the adulterated five elements spiritual roots to enter the foundation building stage. I'm afraid he'll stagnate at the Great Spirit Master rank all his life." The headmaster spoke ruefully while sipping his tea.

    "I don't want to believe that such a good seedling..."

    "As far as I know, the five-element spiritual root is also called the primal chaos spiritual roots."

    Hearing this, the deputy headmaster looked up at Mo Chen, who was currently tasting his tea. "Primal chaos spiritual roots?"

    "Correct. I recalled that five-element spiritual roots are indeed the primal chaos spiritual roots. It's the forefather of spiritual roots. But after many years of evolution, five-element spiritual roots rarely appear. Mostly single or double spiritual roots, because five-element spiritual roots are very slow to cultivate. It was gradually known as the adulterated spiritual roots or otherwise named the good-for-nothing spiritual roots."

    The headmaster explained and looked at Mo Chen. "It's a long time ago. How did you also know this fact?"

    "I have seen it in ancient books. I have also asked my master, who once said that those who possess primal chaos spiritual roots are loved by Heaven." He sipped the tea lightly. His voice was indifferent and slow, but he was thinking about the youth's smiling face.

    Knowing that he possessed five-element spiritual roots, would he really hole up inside and dare not go out, as those students said?

    Although he only acquainted with the young man for a short time and their friendship was not deep, but he knew that his nature was incomparable to ordinary people. Rather than dejectedly hiding away, he felt that Feng Jiu was more likely thinking about the solution.

    A few days later.

    On that day, the Pharmacy Division's teachers went up to the headmaster and deputy headmaster in succession. They were seething with anger.

    "What's the matter, every one of you is so furious?" The deputy headmaster looked at the enraged pharmacy teachers. He was somewhat surprised. Did anybody provoke those teachers?

    "Headmaster, deputy headmaster, this matter must be strictly handled, must be strictly investigated!" A teacher made an abrupt remark indignantly.

    "What must be done strictly?" The headmaster was also surprised.

    "Headmaster, deputy headmaster. Thieves are stealing spirit herbs. The herbs at several crests of our Pharmacy Division's mountain peak were stolen every now and then. Even our spirit fruits were poached. Some of the older ginseng have been pulled out. The most hateful thing was that chopstick sized young ginseng have also been pulled out. This is going to cut off our mountain peak's root!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Who was so bold? Who dare commit such a thing?" They were shocked. "Haven't you made any investigations? No preventive measures? "

    On hearing this, several teachers blushed and spoke angrily, "How's that possible? We put some preventive measures, sent students to guard. But things still got stolen. When we sent teachers to guard, those were still stolen away."
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