696 Destroying one’s reputation

    This day, Feng Jiu arrived at the mission office on the flying feather. She planned to pick a task outside the academy and earn some contribution points. She didn't expect that when she came down from the flying feather, all the students around her were pointing their fingers while gossiping about her.

    She thought they were still talking about her five-element spiritual roots, so she didn't take it to heart and continued walking ahead. However, as the students' voices grew louder and louder as if they intended it for her to hear, she stopped and looked at those gossiping students.

    "What did you say just now?"

    Her gentle voice carried an imperceptible chill. Her beautiful face was also not as bright as usual. It was a rare sight to see her with that cold look in the academy.

    She wore a serious expression on her face. Her smile faded, her half-squinted eyes glowed with cold light, and her lips were pulled up tightly giving people a sense of danger. Her voice was so faint and gentle, yet it silenced the people around her in an instant.

    No one in the academy had ever seen Feng Jiu like this. It could even be said that people had never seen that side of her since she entered the academy.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Even though she didn't look furious, her bearing was dignified and imposing. Her half-squinted eyes were chilly while her smile was indifferent. Her aura had completely changed. It was as if giving everyone an indescribable feeling that...they're in danger!

    "What did you say just now?"

    She walked slowly and steadily up to those men. Her gentle voice was suffused with a frightening chill. "Don't let me ask you for the third time, otherwise, I have a way to keep you speechless forever."

    Upon hearing her words, they were again reminded that he was the Alchemy division's student and that he had brought down dozens of Mystical division's students without a sound. Obviously, he was very proficient in using elixirs. When they remembered this point, those several students could only step back. Cold sweat dripped from their foreheads and their voices trembled.

    "No, that's not us who spread that news. The whole academy's students....all of them were talking about it. We, we only heard about that."

    "Exactly, exactly. It's not us who spread the news that you sub...subdued Ye Jing..."

    "Oh? Then who did that?" She asked softly with a smile that did not reach her eyes.

    For women, their reputation and integrity outweighed everything else. Ye Jing was born in a noble family. If such matter spread out about them and the culprit behind it were not ferreted out, how would both of them put their faces in the future?

    Subdued Ye Jing? Ah, the person who spread the news not only had dealt with her but also destroyed Ye Jing's reputation. She was really curious about who did this good deed.

    Those students saw Feng Jiu was obviously smiling, but her smile was weird. They could only answer while trembling with fear. "This, how would we know who spread this news? We've only heard about it. The whole academy also knew this from a confidential source."

    Feng Jiu shot a glance at those several people and turned toward the Spirit division.

    Recently, if she was not cultivating, she spent all her time refining elixirs. She didn't leave the Alchemy division at all. Additionally, the Alchemy Division was cut off from the news. If she hadn't come to the mission office today, she would not have known such news had spread throughout the academy.

    As she arrived at Ye Jing's place on the flying feather, she heard an announcement that her teacher called her. So she went back to the Spirit Division. When she was on the way, she was blocked by several Spirit Division students.

    "Feng Jiu, the teachers told us to take you to them."
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