697 How could you stay here?

    After glancing at those people, Feng Jiu left with them without giving any refusal. They arrived at a courtyard. As soon as she entered, she saw that in addition to Teacher Lu that she's already familiar with, there were four other teachers. Ye Jing was also among them.

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    She came inside and paid respects to them. Then, she raised her head to look at Ye Jing. But at this moment, a harsh shout came out from one of the teachers. The bellow was accompanied by the teacher's powerful pressure.

    "Feng Jiu, you got the nerve! You know your mistakes!"

    When she heard his shout, Feng Jiu lifted her eyebrows and looked at the teacher without a change of expression. She asked, "I don't know what the teacher means by that?"

    "You are asking me what I meant? How could you not know?" The teacher snorted angrily. "Let me ask you then. Is the rumour currently circulating around the academy true?"

    "What the teacher talked about was the rumour currently circulating in the academy. Naturally, that rumour is false. How can it be true?" She answered indifferently while looking at Ye Jing on the other side. "What's more, I and Ye Jing are friends. From that point, aren't the two of us more clear about this matter than others?"

    Ye Jing was still angry at this time. She looked at Feng Jiu. "I explained this to the teachers, but they didn't believe me and insisted to get you here to be dealt with severely."

    "Mm, severe punishment is indeed needed." Feng Jiu nodded. When Ye Jing looked at her with incredulous eyes, Feng Jiu added, "This person smeared our names - that's one thing. Additionally, because of that, the academy's name is also damaged. This matter really needs to be dealt with severely."

    The teachers started wondering when they saw this. Was this not true? But, if it's not true, why only the news involving these two people that get spread around and not others?

    "Feng Jiu, is it really just someone smearing the names of the two of you?" Teacher Lu asked with a frown. Although Feng Jiu only took one class with him, he had a very favourable impression of this youth. His judgment couldn't be wrong. This youth was not that kind of person.

    Moreover, Ye Jing herself said that there was no such thing, so he really believed it.

    "Mm, there really was no such thing. I and Ye Jing are friends. That kind of thing couldn't have happened. What's more, am I, Feng Jiu that kind of person?"

    Teacher Lu nodded. Indeed, he could see that Feng Jiu was not that kind of vile person.

    Therefore, he whispered a few words with several other teachers and just want to end the matter. Unexpectedly, that previous teacher angrily spoke, "If there was no such thing, how could the rumour spread? I heard that you and Ye Jing met before they entered the academy. At that time, you took advantage of her in front of the people on the street. You dare say, that's not the case either?"

    Feng Jiu and Ye Jing looked at each other. If earlier they had no idea who was spreading such rumours before, after the teacher said this, both of them could point to one single person.

    The person in the academy who knew this and happened to be there was only that one. It couldn't be anyone else.

    Feng Jiu was not surprised to know that the dirty trick was caused by the little white flower, but Ye Jing was not. After all, they had known each other for many years. But now, she was treated like this. This made her feel bitterly disappointed.

    The teacher, who yelled harshly earlier, was furious to see the two people's "casting amorous glances at each other" in front of them. "You're still not acknowledging it? You two are offending public morals! How could students like you continue to stay in Nebula Academy?"
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