699 Do You Know Who Did I

    Before that ill-tempered tutor had a chance to get mad again, she was already on her way out with Ye Jing. When they got outside, they could still hear the tutors trying to calm him down.

    "Why did you say Old Lu is sick? Is he really sick?" Ye Jing asked with uncertainty.

    Feng Jiu smiled and replied: "Yes, he really is sick, but he refuses to believe me!" She shook her head and continued: "You should go back first and keep an eye on the little white flower. I will come and look for you later."

    Ye Jing asked in surprise: "Aren't we going to look for her together?"

    "There's no hurry, we have a day's time. I need to go back to make some preparations first." Although she smiled, there was a hint of coldness about it.

    "Okay then, see you later." She turned and left.

    After she had left, Feng Jiu use her flying feather to return to the Alchemy Division cave dwelling.

    When Bai Ruofei had learned that Ye Jing and Feng Jiu were summoned to the teaching room, her heart pounded with excitement and nervousness. What would happen to them? Would they be expelled? Their reputation was ruined. Everyone in the entire academy would point and stare at them now if they saw them together. But she hadn't lied. She did see Feng Jiu on Ye Jing's back at Myriad Beast Mountain Range.

    "A cheap girl defamed, and yet she dares to hold her head up high everyday, as if she was all important. Ye Jing, let's see how you can keep up your appearances now!" She said with hatred in her voice. Though she was quite pretty, but the jealousy and resentment that showed in her expression made her appear ugly.

    At this moment, she heard Ye Jing's voice drift in from outside: "Ruofei, are you there?"

    She was startled and jumped up in a panic. She paused for a bit before she walked out: "Ah, Ah Jing, is it you? Why are you here?"

    As she spoke she saw a figure dressed in white enter the room, and she smiled sweetly immediately and said: "Ah Jing, you have finally come to see me. You've not been spending much time with me recently so I haven't had anyone to talk to."

    When Ye Jing walked into the room and saw her smiling sweetly at her, she froze: "What have you been busy with recently? Have you not been going out for a walk at all?"

    "Since you haven't been spending time with me, I have just been cultivating and not gone out much. What's the matter?" Her heart skipped a beat and her palms were drenched in cold sweat.

    "Nothing much. Just that recently there's been some nasty rumours going around the academy about me and Feng Jiu." She sat down at the table and looked around: "Where are the other students who live with you? Are they not here?"

    Only Sky Rank students were allowed to live alone, and anyone below this rank had to share their accommodation with other students.

    "They've gone out and aren't back yet." As she spoke, she poured a cup of tea for Ye Jing and asked: "Ah Jing, why did you think of coming to look for me?"

    "Am I not allowed to come to see you?"

    "No, no, that's not what I meant." She said quickly. Her heart sank as she looked at the woman with the gentle voice and calm expression.

    Surely she didn't know that the rumours were her doing?Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Her thoughts were interrupted by Ye Jing's question: "I wanted to ask you if you knew who was behind the rumours."

    Bai Ruofei's heart stopped and her expression changed slightly.
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