700 Second Rank Truth Medicinal Pill

    "What, what rumours?"

    Ye Jing stared at her for a long time, then revealed a gentle smile and said: "That's right. You've been here cultivating so you wouldn't know about it. Let's not talk about that then. I came here today to visit you and have a chat."

    Bai Ruofei was secretly sighed a breath of relief as she looked at her sipping her cup of tea. She started to talk about something else....

    At the same time, Feng Jiu was in her cave dwelling...

    Right after she returned to her cave dwelling, she opened up the pill furnace and started refining pills. Amongst the pill recipes that her teacher had left to her, there was something called the truth medicinal pill. It was a second rank medicinal pill, and based on her current strength and energy, she would have no problem refining it.

    While their master was inside the cave dwelling refining pills, the three beasts were sprawled outside staring at the cave dwelling and had not gone inside. Since that day onwards, they hadn't dared to steal the spirit ginseng because the medicinal pills their master refined for them was far more superior. One pill sustained them for half a month and strengthened their inner strength. It was more effective than eating raw medicinal herbs. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    The Pharmacy Division's mountain peak's spirit herbs weren't being stolen anymore.

    In the pill refining room, Feng Jiu added the medicinal herbs according to the medicinal recipe and controlled the fire source from within her body. After about an hour, the fragrance of the medicinal herbs filled the room, even her mind was shaken by it.

    "It definitely lives up to its name of the truth medicinal pill. Even just the fragrance of the pill can make one's mind let its guard down. If this were to be auctioned, I'm sure many people would want to purchase it." She whispered softly. She hadn't refined new pills recently, so she could send these to the black market to be auctioned off.

    Even though she was not concentrating, she didn't lose control. When she saw that the pills were nearly ready, she added an extra blast of fire and once the spirit power entered the pill, she removed the pill from the furnace.

    "Second rank truth medicinal pills with four marks. It's not bad. Wonder how effective the medicinal pill is?" She whispered softly as she looked at the three pills in her hand. She decided that she should try the truth medicinal pills on someone first, to test their effectiveness. But who should she try it on?

    She pondered about it as she walked out of the cave dwelling. She looked at the three pills in her hand and wondered who best to try it out on. Even though she had followed the recipe, but she didn't know where her teacher had gotten the recipe from. In the past, she had followed the recipes and refined some pills that had weird effects. Therefore, even though she knew the pills were not poisonous, it was better to test them out first.

    Because the fragrance of the truth medicinal pills was too alluring, the three beasts who were sprawled outside the cave dwelling got up on their fours when she stepped outside. They couldn't resist the fragrance and stared longingly at the pills in her hand."

    Feng Jiu chuckled when she saw this and said to them: "These aren't for you to eat. These are truth medicinal pills. They're to make people tell the truth. I doubt they will be of any use to beasts."

    She had sat down on the grass and took out a bottle to store the pills. However, before she could pour the pills into the bottle, a large tongue suddenly appeared and licked up one of the pills from her hand. She stared at Old White in surprise and narrowed her eyes.

    "Old White you greedy beast! This is a truth pill! It's not meant for beasts, it's for humans! And it's not even been tested before! If you suffer any ill effects, don't say I didn't warn you."

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