701 Old White starts speaking

    Old White burped loudly, his eyes rolled back to show the white in its eyes, and his legs buckled beneath it. He was sprawled on the grass, its tongue licking the side of its mouth and its body twitched.

    Feng Jiu was shocked when she saw this and said: "Old White? How are you feeling Old White? That's not possible! I've tested the medicinal pill for poison, and it's fine. And even if a beast were to ingest the pill, it shouldn't be poisoned!"

    She was worried upon seeing Old White's reaction to the pill. She was about to retrieve an antidote from the spatial space when Old White who seemed intoxicated licked her face. She was about to tell it off when what she heard stopped her in her tracks.

    "Mistress is pretty, so pretty. Mistress is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I love Mistress the most. I have even peeked at Mistress taking a bath before, she has such a great body. Mistress...."

    As she listened to Old White's intoxicated rambling, Feng Jiu's mouth twitched and lines creased across her forehead. No one had told her that the truth medicinal pill she refined could make beasts who weren't spirit beasts speak the truth in human language.

    What's more, it peeked at her taking a bath? Old White was asking for a beating!

    Even the cloud devouring beast was stunned. Only spirit beasts could speak the human language. Those below spirit beasts had to have a contract with their Mistress so that they could communicate with their Mistress with their thoughts aligned. Although they didn't know what type of beast Old White was, and his strength was indeed quite strong, but he had never been able to speak in human language. Why, how did a medicinal pill give him the ability to speak in human language?

    And to peek at Mistress taking a bath? He has some guts! And even dared to say Mistress' body was great? If that horrible man found out, he would surely break the horse's head.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    The big black bear was sat at the side all this time with no reaction. Even though the sacred beast had spirit intent, his intelligence was limited and he could not understand what was so surprising that Old White could speak in human language...

    In the time of one incense being burnt, Old White chattered away and revealed all the bad things he had done in the past. Finally, Old White licked his lips and stopped talking and stared at the angry face of his Mistress stood in front of him. It sprawled onto the ground and closed its mouth, but its tail was still swaying about excitedly.

    "Old White, you've finished speaking? You have nothing else to say?" Feng Jiu pinched its ear and stared at it with a sinister smile.

    "Hey, it hurts, it hurts! Mistress, be gentle." Old White took a deep breath and looked up.

    Feng Jiu was shocked when she realised that Old White could still speak in human language even after the effects of the medicinal pill had passed. Her grip on its ear loosened: "You can still speak in human language?"

    Oh god, is that the truth medicinal pill? Had something gone wrong?

    Old White revealed his big horse teeth as he grinned widely in excitement and said: "Mistress, are you not happy that I can speak? I am so happy. Old White can finally speak in human language. I have been looking forward to this for such a long time. Following you Mistress, is definitely the best thing I have ever done. Mistress, do you have any other medicinal pills? Give me another one. I might even change into a human."

    "Change your stupid head!"

    She knocked its head hard, blinked and then turned to cloud devouring beast and said: "Keep watch on it and don't let it go around causing trouble."

    She had to go and investigate where she went wrong refining the truth medicinal pill. As she headed back into the cave, the voice behind her stopped her in her tracks and she nearly planted her foot into the ground.

    Old White whistled and said obsessively: "The back view of Mistress is also beautiful."
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