704 Expelled From The Academy

    Everyone was shocked as they listened to Bai Ruofei's revelations, about how she tried to kill Ye Jing and how she tried to frame Ye Jing. The Spirit Academy students took in a deep breath and in their heads, they only thought of one phrase: The most poisonous heart is that of a woman!

    Ye Jing treated her like a sister, and yet she ruined her reputation and tried to harm her because of her jealousy. This woman's heart was black like coal.

    Nearby, Feng Jiu touched her chin as she thought to herself: Gigolo? She looked like a gigolo? Nonsense! She was obviously a very attractive looking young man.

    She squinted as she looked at Ye Jing and the teachers nearby. It looked as if she didn't need to go and explain the situation further. Therefore, she turned around and left, and on the way she would check the kitchen to see what there was to eat.....

    After the effects of the drug had worn off, a pale-faced Bai Ruofei stared at everyone below as they pointed at her and scolded her. When she saw the angry expressions of the teachers, she knew that it was over for her.

    A rush of anger and anguish swept through her as she was unable to bear the what was coming next, and she fainted

    "That's awful! How could the academy produce such a student?" The ill-tempered Old Lu shouted and instructed the few students around him: "Untie her and take her to the teacher's department to await her punishment."

    "Ye Jing? Ye Jing?"

    When the teachers had thought of speaking to Ye Jing, the girl had already disappeared and was nowhere to be found. They didn't know what else to do and told the students to take Bai Ruofei back to the teacher's department.

    In the main peak.

    "She spoke the truth of her own accord?" The deputy head teacher Lu asked in astonishment as he reported the events to him: "No one questioned her and she told the truth?"

    "Yes, that's it. By the time we arrived, the student was already tied up and hung from the stone pillar of the Spirit Division gate. She nervous and panicky as everytime she tried to close her mouth stop talking, she was unable to and continued speaking uncontrollably. She has already been taken back to the teachers' department to await her punishment from you deputy headmaster."

    "Expel her from the academy and put her name on the blacklist, she will never be allowed to be readmitted." the deputy headmaster waved his hand to gesture teacher Lu to take his leave.

    Teacher Lu acknowledged this and left. Before he stepped out of the room, he looked at the man dressed in white. It was rumoured that he was the student of Sky Ranked Master Mo Chen.

    "Why would she speak the truth of her own accord? No one would do this. Unless someone it was controlled by someone?" The deputy headmaster whispered as he caressed his beard.

    Mo Chen lifted his teacup and looked at the tea leaf that was floating on the surface of the tea, his eyes lit up and he said: "Truth medicinal pill."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "What?" Deputy headmaster looked at him.

    "There was a type of medicinal pill called the truth medicinal pill. Once ingested, it would make the person reveal everything. However, the recipe for this medicinal pill has been lost."

    "Truth medicinal pill?"

    Deputy headmaster was shocked and asked in surprise: "Why would our academy have such a pill? And besides, you just said that the recipe for this medicinal pill has been lost."

    Soon after he spoke, his expression changed, like he had thought of something: "Would this.... be Feng Jiu's doing? But he has only just entered the Alchemy Division, he shouldn't be able to refine such a pill?"

    "The truth medicinal pill is a second rank pill." He narrowed his eyes and said lightly: "It's definitely not a pill that a novice student can refine."
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