705 Big Brother, you’ve reached the Martial Ancestor level already?

    When he heard that, the Deputy Headmaster stroked his beard with his eyes narrowed. "If that's the case, then it's fine."

    He broke into a smile. "Our Nebula's Alchemy Division has almost been forgotten, especially in the exchange competition with other sixth-grade academies. We don't even have students who can take part in that event. If he is really proficient in the way of alchemy, even if he can't reach foundation building in the future, his achievements in the Alchemy Division will not be looked down upon."

    The next morning, when Feng Jiu was still asleep, Guan Xilin's voice rang out from outside the cave.

    "Feng Jiu? Feng Jiu?"

    He was dressed in the Mystical Division's dark blue outfit. His posture was erect and sturdy, glowing with health and vigour. His gaze was penetrating. There was a powerful aura emanating from his body.

    Also, in less than three months, he had crashed his way through the nine-storied Mystical pagoda. His strength had increased by leaps and bounds. Now, he was a cultivator at the Martial Ancestor rank. Only a few could match such strength among the Mystical Division students.

    Guan Xilin's fame spread all over the Mystical Division in less than a day since he came out of the pagoda. It was due to the fact that he became the top student at his division only a few months after entering the academy.

    After calling her a few times, there was still no response. He assumed that she was in a deep slumber. Guan Xilin smiled then sat down under the tree. While looking at the big black bear guarding the edge of the cave dwelling, he spoke with an amused look. "Are you the divine beast that Feng Jiu brought back from the Myriad Beasts Mountain Range? I didn't expect her to keep such a hulking oaf."


    Feeling his disrespect, Little Black roared angrily. But, he didn't attack the man. It simply crouched guarding the place while giving Guan Xilin a stare.

    "Don't roar. You can't scare me. I'm your Mistress' Big Brother. Do you understand?" Guan Xilin spoke with a smile. He glanced at the beast casually. He caught sight of Old White emerging from the bushes in the distance.

    "Hey! Guan Guan, you're here!"

    As soon as Old White saw Guan Xilin, it let out an excited greeting. It wagged its tail and walked over, proud and arrogant. "Guan Guan, I, Old White, can talk. Are you scared? Hahahahaha! "

    Hearing Old White's started speaking in human speech, he could only shout "Hey". He felt that his forehead was streaked with several black lines hearing the horse calling him Guan Guan. His expression was queer. Seeing the beast approaching, he looked it up and down. "Old White, you are still the same. You are not a divine beast. How can you speak?"

    "Why can't I talk? I, Old White, am not an ordinary horse. Plus, my mistress is also incredible. It's just a matter of time before I start talking. "

    It's hard to hide the pride in its voice. If these words came out of a man's mouth, it would not be surprising. But, against all expectations, these words came out of a horse's mouth accompanied with eyes filled with pride. Those who saw this sight would have the corners of their mouths twitch. It's just so unfathomable.

    "Big Brother? When did you come out from the Mystical Pagoda?"

    Feng Jiu's voice was thick with sleepiness. Guan Xilin looked up and saw that she came out with a yawn. Her eyes were still half-open, she looked like she was half-asleep. He answered with a smile. "I came out last night. I heard about your recent circumstance in the academy and came to see you this morning. You are so conspicuous. You are hiding in this nearly deserted Alchemy Division, yet you still managed to create so much ruckus."

    "I'm not to blame. They came after me."

    She spoke lazily. She came to him and sat down. Then, her eyes were opened wide, staring at him. After a while, she said in surprise, "Big Brother, you've reached the Martial Ancestor level already?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.
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