709 Teacher Lu In A Coma

    Early the next morning.

    "Little Jiu, Little Jiu?"

    Once Guan Xilin had heard the news, he hurried over and bumped into Ye Jing on the way.

    Old White sauntered over slowly to Ye Jing's side and said to the both of them: "Master went to sleep very late last night, she won't wake up until at least noon today. She also soundproofed her bedroom, so she won't hear you no matter how loud you shout."

    "We heard that Ouyang Xiu has issued a challenge against Feng Jiu. Where did you meet him yesterday?" Guan Xilin asked, his brow twisted in worry.

    "On the way back. Mistress said that if you both are to turn up, to tell you to go home and not to worry. She has no intention of accepting the challenge." Old White took a deep breath, sniffing at the fragrance coming from Ye Jing.

    Ah, a woman's fragrance.

    "Ouyang Xiu is a Foundation Formation Cultivator and his cultivation skills is top notch amongst his peers. There are many students in the academy, but only Nie Teng is powerful enough to suppress him. If Feng Jiu were to fight with him, I'm afraid...." Ye Jing was worried and felt uneasy.

    Guan Xilin however, was not worried that Feng Jiu was no match against Ouyang Xiu because he knew her strengths. Least to say students of the academy, even the teachers were not a match against her. He just felt that if she was continually being challenged by other students, it would hinder her cultivation.

    If anyone could come to challenge her, then where would she find the time for cultivation and doing anything for herself?

    "You should go back, Mistress is fine here, don't worry." As Old White spoke, he took another deep breath and looked intoxicated. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    Seeing this, Ye Jing didn't know whether to laugh or cry and said: "Old White, can you be less lecherous?" Was she that fragrant?

    "I can't, I love beautiful women, especially women who are also beautiful on the inside. Beautiful Ye Jing, I have wanted to tell you for the longest time, you are really fragrant! Full of a woman's scent. Oh no, my legs are going weak."

    Old White's face looked intoxicated as he sprawled onto the ground it's legs buckling under him. The cheap look on its face and lecherous look in its eyes, and very human personality made it hard for one to hate him.

    Guan Xilin looked at Old White speechless: "Old White, where did you learn to be this lecherous? Feng Jiu isn't like that! Is it your previous owner?"

    "My previous owner was a simpleton, but he was a nice man, otherwise he wouldn't have given me to my Little Jiu Jiu." He said in such a smooth glib manner as he said Little Jiu. Its eyes lit up suddenly: "Ah, I will call Mistress Little Jiu Jiu in the future, Little Jiu Jiu, it sounds really nice."

    Seeing this, the two people shook their heads and had nothing to say but smile at each other.

    At this moment in this, it was chaos in the Spirit Division. Teacher Lu was giving a lecture and whilst screaming at one of the students, he fainted.

    By the time the frantic students had brought Teacher Lu to the teacher's lounge, his whole body had already gone stiff and was completely unconscious. The teachers and students from the Medical Division rushed over once they received the news.

    The headmaster and deputy headmaster had also rushed over to the teacher's lounge upon hearing the news and looked around at all the people in the room. The deputy headmaster asked: "What happened? Why did Teacher Lu faint out of the blue?"
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