710 710 Powerless

    When Teacher Lu saw the two came, he promptly made a salute. "Here's what happened. Some Spirit division students sent  for visiting.

    "The pharmacist couldn't find the cause, but the doctor said that the brain injury resulted in physical paralysis. However, our academy's doctor indeed said that there was no way to cure it, and now he didn't know what to do." Teacher Lu's face was filled with concern. Inside, he worried endlessly.

    Although Teacher Lu was bad-tempered, he was very serious about teaching. Otherwise, he would not be listed as a teacher at the Nebula academy. He had been teaching for more than ten years at the academy. Now they saw him lying in bed both motionless and unconscious. This made them feel bad.

    As soon as the headmaster and the deputy headmaster heard this story, their expressions were grave. However, they were not at all familiar with medicine and could not help. Even though they had some life-saving medicinal pills in their stash, those medicinal pills were only for curing internal injuries. They had never encountered liver function problems that could impact the brain before.

    "That's it! Old Guan, please invite Young Master Mo Chen to take a look. He is proficient in medicinal pills. Maybe you can see if there are any pills that can be taken by Teacher Lu. " The headmaster turned toward the deputy headmaster.

    "Yes, I'll go right away." The deputy left the office in a hurry and headed to Mo Chen's courtyard.

    Several pharmacists and two doctors encircled the teaching office's bed and discussed Teacher Lu's illness. Some people said that they might have to go out and invite some doctors with better medical expertise to give treatments. Some other people said that they had to go to countries above the fifth-grade. Each one of them gave his opinions. Only until they saw the deputy headmaster bringing a man in white to the teaching office that they turned quiet.

    Young Master Mo Chen had heard about these teachers and doctors' reputations. His master was a mysterious old man and he was the only disciple. It was said that he was proficient in the way of the immortal elixirs. He could even refine the sixth-rank medicinal pills. He was a rare genius in this field.

    Everyone got out of the way and let the deputy headmaster and Mo Chen came inside. Mo Chen took Teacher Lu's pulse and examined his body. However, after a few breaths, he stood up to look at the headmaster and the deputy headmaster and shook his head.

    "He is not injured, but ill. Medicinal pills can cure the injury. We have to find the root cause before prescribing the right medicine. I'm powerless in this situation."

    "This, even you also have no way?" The deputy headmaster's heart sank.

    Mo Chen glanced at the crowd and nodded his head lightly, "Mm, his condition is very serious. If he doesn't find a cure within six hours, he may stay in a coma or even die."This is a different teacher, when written out in chinese characters, it's different but when it's translated, it looks the same so just to ease the confusion.
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