711 Have you heard of the Ghost Doctor?

    His words made all the people's hearts heavy. When they saw the aura of death enveloping Teacher Lu, the atmosphere inside the teaching office became very solemn. All of them were silent and speechless. They did not know what to say.

    Although Teacher Lu was not dead yet, he was not far away from perishing. All the immortal cultivators present could see the aura of death. His spiritual power was weakening just like a flame drenched in the rain, it gradually becoming smaller and smaller...

    There were many immortal cultivators in this world as well as alchemists and pharmacists, but there were only a few doctors. In the eyes of immortal cultivators, doctors' status was far lower than that of the alchemists and pharmacist since most doctors could only cure mortals. Those immortal cultivators' body rarely had any problems.

    Because of this, there were even fewer doctors who were trusted and revered for their expertise in the field of medicine. After all, there were very few real experts in the arts of healing. At least, it's impossible for them to appear in the sixth-grade countries.

    "I wonder if you've heard of the Ghost Doctor?"

    A doctor suddenly spoke, looking at the crowd. "If you can find Ghost Doctor, I think Teacher Lu should be saved. But Ghost Doctor's whereabouts are mysterious. It's very difficult to find him. Plus, we only got six hours. Consider it too late, then."

    After uttering these words, he sighed, shook his head and walked out. It's the same as if he didn't say anything. How could he find Ghost Doctor in six hours?

    In his view, perhaps Teacher Lu had no way to be cured. If it's a wound injury, there were some life-saving medicinal pills and elixirs for immortal cultivators like them. But, this disease...it's indeed deadly.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Even though the distinguished name of Ghost Doctor is known to everybody in Green Gallop Country, only a few people have seen him. However, he has a good relationship with the Black Market. He has appeared in Green Gallop Country before. Maybe the Black Market people know where he is now." The headmaster pondered and gave the deputy headmaster an order. "Old Guan, go and ask the Black Market for help with my warrant."

    "This... will this work? The Black Market is so powerful that we have to pay them respects. I'm afraid that they will not disclose it even if they know."

    "Whether it's possible or not, we still have to make the trip. Go! The Black Market Chief and I have some friendships. If he knows the whereabouts of Ghost Doctor, he should be able to help. " The headmaster handed out his order and motioned with his hand, indicating the deputy headmaster to make haste.

    "Alright, then. I'm going." Old Guan took the headmaster's identity token and hurried to the black market.

    "Mo Chen, is there any way to extend his life? Perhaps not even a day, several hours are okay, too."

    Looking at Teacher Lu lying on the bed, the headmaster sighed. "I recruited Old Lu myself. He's been teaching in Nebula for more than ten years. He's always been a rigorous and earnest tutor. I really don't want him to be like this..."

    "I can use my spirit force to seal his body's vitality, stop all the blood vessels and meridians, and let him fall into a state of suspended animation. But I can only maintain this condition for four hours. After four hours, he will still have six hours left." Mo Chen said indifferently, glancing at Teacher Lu on the bed. To him, he was just a stranger. If not for the headmaster's repeated requests, he would never open his mouth.

    "Four hours?" The headmaster was stunned for a moment. Without any hesitation, he asserted, "Four hours is also time. Life or death, it all depends on his luck."
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