714 President Gong, Your Help Is Needed

    "He collapsed during a lecture, in the midst of screaming and a student. Teachers from the Mountain Peak Pharmacy and Medical Division have been to see him, and even Master Mo Chen. They have all said there is no saving him."

    A student spoke hurriedly: " Teacher Lu have asked us to go look for Feng Jiu immediately. But he has put up a soundproof enchantment, so what shall we do?"

    "Feng Jiu has no medical knowledge, so it's useless asking for her help anyway. Haven't the headmaster and deputy headmaster had any suggestions? With their connections, they should be able to find a highly skilled doctor in Green Gallop Country. Why bother to look for Feng Jiu at all?"

    Ye Jing frowned in worry as she thought about Teacher Lu fighting for his life and said to Guan Xilin: "Teacher Lu is my teacher after all and has imparted much knowledge to me. I better go back to see him." She turned and left hurriedly before Guan Xilin could respond.

    Guan Xilin watched Ye Jing leave and turned to the two anxious looking students and said: " Even the teachers from the Mountain Peak Pharmacy and Medical Division are unable to save Teacher Lu, why come to look for Feng Jiu?" Little Jiu's Ghost Doctor shouldn't be known to anyone at the academy.

    "The other day Feng Jiu said that Teacher Lu would collapse within three days. Who knew that it would actually happen? So that's why Teacher Lu asked us to bring him back." One of the students replied, and seeing that there was no point waiting here, he turned and went back to report the situation.

    Teaching Office.

    "What? You didn't even see him? You couldn't enter the cave?" Teacher Lu glared and continued scolding: " Well if you couldn't enter the cave, could you not have shouted? What good is it having a mouth if you don't use it?"

    The two students replied quickly: " We shouted, but that guy put up a soundproof enchantment when he sleeps. No matter how loud we shouted, no sound penetrated the cave dwelling!"

    When he heard this, Teacher Lu was stunned, even the other teachers who had come out opened their eyes in surprise: "What's up with Feng Jiu? Why would he put up a soundproof enchantment when he sleeps? Why, why is his habit so different from other people?"

    "I've heard him mention that he has a really bad temper if he hasn't gotten enough sleep when he wakes up in the morning. He would have gone to bed really late last night and didn't want to be disturbed this morning, that's probably why he put up the soundproof enchantment. He probably didn't expect Teacher Lu to fall ill."

    Ye Jing informed everyone as she walked over. She had just been to visit Teacher Lu and the headmaster said that he would be stable for the next few hours. But after that, no one would be able to save him, and the inevitable would happen....

    "I will go and have a look." Teacher Lu decided that he would make a trip himself to check it out. He asked the two students to lead the way and they hurried off towards Feng Jiu's cave dwelling.

    At the same time, the deputy headmaster had arrived at the Black Market. The moment he stepped through the doors, his atmosphere was in upheaval. He handed in the headmaster's token and was invited inside. Not too long afterwards, the President of the Black Market came to greet him. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Deputy headmaster, to what do I owe the pleasure of your visit?" With a wave of his hand, he commanded his servants to serve them tea.

    Once Old Guan calmed his atmosphere, he spoke: "President Gong, please forgive my unexpected visit. There is something I need your help with."

    "Oh? You need my help? Hahaha! You really know how to crack a joke Deputy Headmaster Guan. Why would the powerful Nebula Academy need my help?" President Gong chuckled deeply and took a sip of his tea.

    "No, it's really a matter of life and death that I have come to seek help about. Under the command of Headmaster Feng, I have come to seek the whereabouts of the Ghost Doctor. Hopefully President Gong can provide the information."
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