716 Does He Have Medical Knowledge?

    The cave dwellings in the Alchemy Division were well protected by enchantments, but they weren't this strong! Even him, a Golden Core stage teacher was unable to open it. That really annoyed him!

    In addition to the two students who led the way here, a few more students from the Spirit Division had come along as well. They looked on in shock when they saw that Teacher Lu was unable to break open the enchantment.

    Feng Jiu had the ability to strengthen the cave dwelling enchantment to this degree? Even the Golden Core stage Teacher Lu was unable to break it open? Their mouths twitched as they also wanted to ask: Is he keeping out a thief or an assassin?

    In actual fact, Feng Jiu only strengthened the enchantment because she was afraid that there would be too much noise from her refining pills. As for the soundproof enchantment, she had just wanted a good night's sleep. Who knew there would be so many people looking for her early in the morning?

    "Bang bang bang!"

    The impact sound of Teacher Lu attempting to penetrate the enchantment sounded from time to time. Seeing that Teacher Lu was drenched in sweat, one of the students approached tentatively.

    "Teacher, Teacher Lu?"

    Unable to break through the enchantment, and the thought of Teacher Lu's life slipping away, he couldn't help but explode in anger when he saw the student approach. He shouted: " What?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    The student hunched in fear and replied: "Teacher Lu, shall we ask the Headmaster to come over?"

    Teacher Lu's face was red as he looked back unwillingly at the cave and replied: " I will go!" He rushed back to the teacher's office without delay.

    Guan Xilin who was sat by the tree nearby with Little Black and Old white stared after the figure of the departing teacher, deep in thought.

    Teacher Lu had arrived back at the teacher's office and found the Headmaster: "Headmaster, that bastard not only put up a soundproof enchantment to sleep, but he also strengthened the enchantment outside the cave dwelling. I, I can't break through the enchantments."

    The Headmaster was in shock: "He strengthened the enchantments? And even you can't break through them?"

    He was shocked to the core of his heart. How could a student have such a great ability?

    Teacher Lu was a Golden Core cultivator, and he couldn't even break through a student's enchantment, this...

    "I will go and take a look. You take charge here." The Headmaster instructed and set off to Feng Jiu's cave dwelling with the students leading the way.

    When he arrived at the cave dwelling, his eyes swept across the students from the Spirit Division and the Mystical Division and landed on the nearby tree where the big black bear and queer horse were. These were Feng Jiu's beasts?

    As he stared at the queer horse, the horse suddenly opend its mouth and smiled at him, flashing its big horse teeth.

    His gaze then landed on the student dressed in Mystical Division robes and he walked over towards him.

    "You must be Guan Xilin, Feng Jiu's older brother." The Headmaster spoke with confidence and smiled at him.

    Guan Xilin looked at the Headmaster and stood up to bow politely: "Pleased to meet you Headmaster."

    "Since you are Feng Jiu's elder brother, you must know, does he have medical knowledge?" The Headmaster looked at him questioningly.

    Guan Xilin looked at the Headmaster in silence.
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