717 Surprise, It’s Him!

    On a hilltop not too faraway, Mo Chen was making his way to Feng Jiu's cave dwelling. He had already left, but when he heard the news about the strengthened enchantment and soundproof enchantment, he had to come and take a look for himself.

    He was surprised to see that the Headmaster had also came over.

    His gaze moved across to the student in Mystical Division robes. Was this the young boy's sworn elder brother Guan Xilin?

    As he heard the Headmaster's question, he listened on quietly. Since he was the boy's sworn brother, he would know whether he had medical knowledge. If he said he didn't, then there was no need to break through the enchantments.

    However, even if he had medical knowledge, Teacher Lu's condition was dire, he was just a young boy, what could he possibly do to help?

    Under the tree, the Headmaster waited patiently for Guan Xilin's reply.

    Guan Xilin looked at him. After a long silence, he finally spoke: "Instead of asking whether he has medical knowledge, I think Headmaster should be asking..... Will he save him? Or will he not save him?"

    Upon hearing this, the Headmaster's heart skipped a beat as he pondered on the meaning of what he had just said.

    He understood.

    Instead of asking whether Feng Jiu had any medical knowledge, he should ask whether Feng Jiu would save Teacher Lu. If he were to save Teacher Lu, it meant that he had medical knowledge. If he didn't want to save him, he need only say he didn't know any medical knowledge.

    Right from the start, they had only focused on the fact that Feng Jiu predicted that Teacher Lu would fall ill. They had sent students to bring him back, and then Teacher Lu went to try to break through the enchantments. Now he had come over personally....

    They had all took for granted that they need only give Feng Jiu a command and he would obey...

    He finally understood that even if they broke through the enchantments and woke Feng Jiu up, he might not necessarily save Teacher Lu.

    He looked deeply at Guan Xilin and took a bow: "Thank you."

    He thanked him for his insight.

    Guan Xilin looked at the Headmaster and bowed slightly: "You're welcome."

    All the bystanders were shocked to see that the Headmaster had bowed to the student. This was just too unreal. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    From the nearby hill, Mo Chen looked on at the two people in conversation. He stared at the cave dwelling but didn't leave and then stared quietly at the Headmaster.

    At this time, the Deputy Headmaster had arrived back at the teacher's office and got the updates from Teacher Lu. Thoughts flashed through his head and he was in shock as he remembered the rumours about the Ghost Doctor.

    Ghost Doctor, dressed in red, a handsome young boy....

    Then he thought about the Black Market President's words: "To save him, why look further afield and not closeby....

    The Deputy Headmaster felt his head go bang as realisation hit him.

    "It's him! It's him! It's actually him!"

    He was so excited he could barely contain himself. After he shouted in excitement, he ran off towards the direction of Feng Jiu's cave dwelling.
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