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    After he heard his question, the Headmaster took a deep breath, his gaze moved over to the cave entrance and he said slowly: "I am waiting here."


    The Deputy Headmaster replied in shock: "We can wait, however, I don't think Teacher Lu can wait! How about this, I will go and call for him. This is a matter of life and death, not just any matter. We can't wait."

    He turned and was about to step out when the Headmaster shouted: " I said we are waiting, so we will wait! Whether he survives or not, it's up to Teacher Lu now."


    The Deputy Headmaster turned back and looked at the determined face of the Headmaster, and the expressionless face of Guan Xilin, but he couldn't understand why they had to wait.

    Seeing this, the Headmaster said: "Old Guan, who did you say he was?"

    "The Ghost Doctor! Feng Jiu is the Ghost Doctor!"

    His eyes lit up as he replied and he seemed to have thought of something as his expression changed from excitement to calmness. At this moment, he finally understood what the Headmaster meant.

    Yes, Feng Jiu is the Ghost Doctor, and the Ghost Doctor doesn't do as he was told, even if he was a student of the academy. From what he heard, the Ghost Doctor was eccentric and followed his heart in everything he did. If he didn't want to save him, then he wouldn't no matter what they did.

    If they wanted his help to save Teacher Lu, then they couldn't treat him like a regular student. They had to treat him with respect, otherwise, anything else they did would be counterproductive.

    Another thing to consider was that since he had entered their academy as a student, that meant that he hadn't wanted his status as the Ghost Doctor to be revealed. If they revealed his identity, then.....

    When he thought about his excited screams and shouts earlier, he broke out in cold sweat.

    He had experienced Feng Jiu's eccentric moods first hand, it was tricky to deal with.....

    After he had calmed down, he looked at the Headmaster, then at the quiet Guan Xilin and smiled at him as he spoke: "Xilin! Is Feng Jiu sleeping inside?"

    Guan Xilin glanced at him and nodded: "Yes."

    "Oh, I see! How long does he usually sleep for?" Teacher Lu only had a few hours left, and if Feng Jiu slept for much longer, he was afraid.....

    "I can't say for sure." He shook his head and said nothing else.

    "Then let's wait!" He sighed and stood next to the Headmaster, his eyes on the entrance of the cave dwelling.

    When the students and teachers saw the Deputy Headmaster stood there waiting as well, they were dumbfounded. Weren't they here to call for Feng Jiu? Why hadn't the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster break through the enchantments and call for him?

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    Ye Jing had also arrived. When she saw the situation, she found it strange.

    After an hour, the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster continued to wait patiently. Then two hours had passed, and no one moved. Everyone was confused and started to discuss the situation between themselves.

    At this point, they only had two more hours left. Even though the Deputy Headmaster felt anxious, there was nothing he could do. He could only hope that Feng Jiu would wake up soon.

    Guan Xilin who had been silent the whole time and decided it was almost time. He looked at the Headmaster and finally spoke: "Deputy Headmaster, there is something I need your help with."
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