721 Food Stolen From The Kitchen?

    Before he appeared, his voice could already be heard from within the cave dwelling. While the people outside were in the middle of their discussion, a figure appeared like a flash of lightning as he opened up the enchantment and rushed outside towards the delicious foods.

    "Elder brother, you didn't go to the kitchen to steal the food did you?"

    Feng Jiu looked on in surprise at all the delicious food in front of her, and showed no sign of sleepiness at all. She stared at the food in front of her and was about to reach for a steamed meat bun to eat when her elder brother stopped her.

    "Elder brother, what are you doing." She blinked at him with dissatisfaction.

    "Go and wash up and put on a fresh set of clothes, then come back out to eat."

    As Guan Xilin spoke, he indicated that she look around her. He felt bad thinking how badly starved his Little Jiu must have been. Her mind was only on the food and hadn't even noticed all the people staring at her.

    With his gentle reminder, Feng Jiu looked up at everyone around her. She couldn't help but be dumbfounded as she saw the students and teachers looking at her like they had seen a ghost. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    "Elder brother, I only went to sleep, why are there so many people here? Is it because you stole food from the kitchen and they have caught you red-handed?" She came closer to Guan Xilin and lowered her voice.

    Guan Xilin laughed and replied: "Nonsense. Hurry up and go inside to wash up and get dressed then come back out. The food will get cold otherwise and won't taste as nice."

    He had only just finished speaking and Feng Jiu disappeared back into the cave dwelling at such a speed that left everyone gaping in shock.

    If they hadn't seen it with their own eyes, they wouldn't have believed that the messy haired teenager was the well dressed, handsome young boy in the azure robes they saw usually.

    This was unexpected! To be able to see this side of him.

    But what a sense of smell he had to be woken up by the smell of delicious food. They had been stood outside the cave dwelling shouting, they tried to break through the enchantment and they waited for hours, but he didn't wake up.

    Who could have guessed that in the end, it was the smell of delicious food that woke him up. They were speechless.

    At this point, the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster looked at Guan Xilin. It wasn't just that Feng Jiu was not a mediocre person, even the people around him was hardly mediocre!

    Guan Xilin was pretty smart too.

    With the promise of delicious food, Feng Jiu washed up and got dressed faster than usual. When she appeared again, she was back to the usual handsome well dressed young man everyone was used to.

    She didn't pay attention to the bystanders, but picked up the chopsticks Guan Xilin handed to her instead. She picked up a steamed meat bun and asked: "Elder brother, what are they here for?"

    Ye JIng who was next to her passed her a bowl of spirit chicken ginseng soup and said: "Drink some soup first, don't scald yourself."

    "Thank you."

    Feng Jiu smiled and drank some soup with a spoon while also enjoying a prawn dumpling, she said with a mouth full: "You both should eat something too! It's embarrassing for me to eat by myself."

    Even though he had said it, but from the bystanders' point of view, he didn't look embarrassed at all.

    Nearby from the hilltop, Mo Chen looked at the young boy who was stuffing his face full of food. He smiled and walked away.

    The Headmaster beckoned for the Deputy Headmaster to disperse the students and teachers and walked over towards Feng Jiu.
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