723 Not Trustworthy?

    When she heard the question, Feng Jiu's eyes lit up and she smiled: "I can save his life, but I can't guarantee how well he will recover from this."

    "As long as you can save his life that's all that matters. The rest is up to him." The Headmaster looked at Feng Jiu and asked: "How will you save him? What medicines do you need?"


    She smiled and looked at the Headmaster: "If we are to save him, the first thing we need to do is clear his brain of blood. We need to make a hole in his brain to clear out the coagulated blood. We don't need any medicines at present. I need two assistants. Headmaster, please ask the two doctors outside to come and assist me!"

    When they heard this, the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster were dumbfounded. They stared at Feng Jiu in shock and asked: "Make a hole in his brain? Can, can this be done?"

    They had never heard of anyone making a hole in the brain. The head was a fragile part of the body, how could they make a hole in it? Surely this was a joke?

    "We are running out of time. Please ask the two doctors to change into clean clothes and wash their hands before they come inside." Feng Jiu didn't pay attention to the two shocked men but turned to a dumbfounded Teacher Lu on the other side and said: "Can you please arrange for a clean basin of water to be brought in?"

    However, no one responded to her requests, nor did anyone move. She turned to look at the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster with a frown on her face: "Are we saving him or not? If we aren't then I shall take my leave."

    Upon hearing this, the three men recovered from their shock. Before the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster could say anything, Teacher Lu asked: "Make a hole in his brain? Can he survive it?"

    Feng Jiu raised her eyebrows: "You're questioning my medical skills? Then why bother to ask me to save him?" She had intended to change into clean clothes, but instead she turned around and walked outside. Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com  for visiting.

    To question a doctor's medical skills was a grave insult.

    It wasn't as if she needed to save him. Since they didn't trust her, then there was no need for her to stay.

    When the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster saw Feng Jiu walk out, they recovered from their shock as they remembered her status as the Ghost Doctor and ran out after her.

    "Feng Jiu, we trust you. If we didn't, we wouldn't have asked you to save him."

    The Deputy Headmaster stopped in front of Feng Jiu: "Don't take Teacher Lu's words to heart. It's not that we don't trust you, it's just that we have never heard of this kind of method before, so we were a little shocked."

    "Yes, that's right. Feng Jiu, we are running out of time, please save him!" The Headmaster apologised for his earlier uncertainty.

    They had asked Feng Jiu to save Teacher Lu, and yet they doubted his methods.

    Seeing the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster's reaction, Teacher Lu knew that he had said the wrong thing earlier on. He bowed to Feng Jiu in apology and said: "I was just worried about Old Lu, that's all. If my words have offended you, please accept my apology."

    Feng Jiu's eyes lit up, she hadn't expected Teacher Lu to apologise.

    When the Deputy Headmaster saw that Feng Jiu had no reaction to Teacher Lu's apology, he remembered how Guan Xilin used food to entice Feng Jiu to wake up and said: "Feng Jiu, as long as you save him, no matter what the outcome is, as long as you are in the academy, you are welcome to the food in the kitchen anytime."
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