730 Return of the top ranked Ten Proud Children of Heaven

    The man in the purple robes stopped at the side door of the Spirit division courtyard and told his team of escort. "All of you can leave now!"

    "Yes." The group of people assented. After seeing him take out his identity jade card and step inside the academy, they turned around and left.

    At this time, although the sky was getting dark, there were still many students walking around in the Spirit courtyard. They were chatting in small groups. When they saw the figure appearing in the courtyard, the students who were sitting on the lawn stood up one after another and saluted him respectfully.

    "I've met Senior Brother Nie."

    "Senior Brother Nie, you're back."

    "Senior Brother Nie, it's great to have you back."

    The students came one after another to gather around him. Even though they were all Spirit division students, when they saw this man, they could only show deferential and fawning expressions.

    It's because, this person was not only the Spirit division's Sky-rank student but also the first rank among the Academy's Ten Proud Children of Heaven, Nie Teng!

    In addition to being the top-ranked individual in the Nebula Academy, he was also Green Gallop Country's Crown Prince. He was very valued by the headmaster and others. The headmaster once said that among all the students in the Nebula Academy, Nie Teng had the best prospect to join the ranks of the Golden Core cultivators within 50 years.

    Because of this, he had a large number of supporters in the academy. Whether in the Spirit or Mystical divisions, there would be students who secretly owe their allegiance to him.

    Although it had been a while since the school began, reportedly he had been embroiled in some matters. As a result, he had to delay his return to the academy for some time.

    Now when they saw him return, they were full of joy and told him about what happened in the academy during his absence.

    "Senior Brother Nie, that Feng Jiu came in just a few months, but he almost became the academy's influential figure. When his name is mentioned, there's scarcely anyone who wouldn't know him."

    Nie Teng, who was walking into the courtyard surrounded by the crowd, looked cold and indifferent. He was just listening to the people around him talking about the recent events. However, when he heard the name, he was shocked and his steps stopped suddenly. His sharp eyes were fixed at the student.

    "Who did you say? Feng Jiu?"

    "Yes, it's Feng Jiu. That kid is a new student at the Alchemy division this year, but all the divisions' teachers and the headmaster paid a lot of attention to him."

    "That is, he is in the limelight now. He almost beats the academy's Ten Proud Children of Heaven's popularity."

    "Senior Brother Ouyang challenged him three days ago. He asked him to fight on the Cloud Wind Terrace. Unexpectedly, he hid like a turtle and didn't dare to come out from his cave dwelling to meet people."

    "That kid knew that he is not the opponent of Senior Brother Ouyang. Of course, he didn't dare to take the challenge."

    "If he knew that our academy's number one, Senior Brother Nie, had come back, he would have been more frightened to hide in that cave and dare not come out."

    "Hahaha, exactly, exactly."

    Nie Teng couldn't hear what the students around him were talking about. His mind was filled with the rumbling sound, echoing only one message.

    Feng Jiu...that woman is in the Nebula Academy!

    What's more, she came in disguised as a man? Was it really her? Or was it just the same surname?

    At this moment, his heart which had been calm for a long time rose and fell again at hearing her news. Anticipation, excitement, happiness and unquenchable joy filled his heart.

    It made him want to go right to where she was and see her. Was she the one he both love and hate, the one he wanted to forget yet was unable to?
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