733 Danger, assassination by powerful cultivators!

    All the people in the surrounding heard the crashing sound on the ground. As the fat woman sat heavily on the middle-aged man's stomach, they could sense the ground faintly shook.


    That tall and thin man couldn't scream. When the fat woman sat down on his stomach, he was frothing and his face turned deadly pale. He could not even make a sound.

    At most, he weighed only 54 kg while the thirty-something fat woman's weight was close to 120kg. This pure weight could smash people half dead. Moreover, she sat on him heavily. Making him foaming in the mouth could still be considered light.

    Ye Jing, standing not far away, watched this with her lips open slightly. She looked stunned and astonished. Until Feng Jiu returned to her side, she still hadn't regained her composure.

    "Well? I don't need to teach him a lesson myself. I was able to vent my anger without wasting energy."

    Feng Jiu's eyes were beaming. Her chin was delicate and elegant, while a dazzling and vigorous spirit was visible on the handsome face. Her whole persona was brimming with radiance and charm, attracting young girls surrounding her. They couldn't withdraw their gazes from her for a very long time.


    The swishing sound of cold steel was suddenly heard. The sound didn't stand out in the bustling main street. It could be said that the sharp airflow was almost concealed by the hubbub.

    Ye Jing smiled when she heard Feng Jiu's quip. Her previous depressed mood was also lifted when she saw the tall and thin man being taught a lesson. Just as she was about to speak, she saw Feng Jiu's smug face suddenly changed. Without waiting for her to ask or respond, Feng Jiu grabbed her and retreated to the right.

    "Whoosh! Bang!"

    The sharp airflow whizzed past. A thudding sound landed on the main pillar of the shop behind Feng Jiu. Seeing this scene, Ye Jing's expression also changed. A lingering fear filled her heart.

    She didn't even hear the sound and didn't realize what had transpired. If Feng Jiu hadn't taken her to withdraw, the cold steel weapon would have hit Feng Jiu.

    Her smiling face restrained, Feng Jiu's eyes turned chilly. She glanced at the sleeve arrow nailed on the pillar and told Ye Jing, "Those people came for me. You go back to the academy first."

    Her heart kept pondering, who was it? Who moved their hands against her? That sleeve arrow was only meant to test her reaction, not to kill her. She was very sure that the person who shot the sleeve arrow was at least at the Golden Core level but only used thirty per cent of his strength.

    At that very moment, twelve men in black emerged from their hiding place. Eight of them were armed with long swords. They were full of murderous aura. Their cold, sharp gazes fell on the red-garbed Feng Jiu.

    As soon as they appeared, the fierce murderous aura enveloped the whole street and the strong pressure of the powerful cultivators solidified the air in an instant. When the powerful cultivators appeared in the mundane world, their pressure was enveloped with a deadly atmosphere. It made everyone scream in panic and scramble to hide in a safe place.

    "Eight Golden Core cultivators and four Nascent Soul powerful cultivators, what a big hand!" She grunted coldly. Her gaze fell on the twelve men while at the same time she pushed the stunned Ye Jing behind her.

    "Go quickly!" She exclaimed in a low voice. If she knew that she would meet assassins when she came out, she would not bring Ye Jing out.

    "Feng, Feng Jiu..." Under the pressure attack of those strong cultivators, Ye Jing's legs turned soft and her face pale.
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