735 Who’s willing to come with me to save him?

    There was a great disparity in their strength. If she faced their attacks head-on, it would mean that she signed up for death voluntarily. She definitely wouldn't act on impulse and forfeit her life.

    Although it seemed that she fled in a panic, she headed toward the dense forest at the east of the city. Even if it was inevitable to fight, she also hoped to minimize the damage. Otherwise, once they started fighting here, even if the commoners hid inside the house, they would die under the pressure of the Nascent Soul powerful cultivators' killing intent.

    "Escaping? Hmph! You won't succeed!"

    The leader of the four Nascent Soul powerful cultivators snorted coldly. That severe sound unexpectedly formed a visible stream of air like waves attacking Feng Jiu's fleeing figure.

    "Whoosh! Swish!"

    The sharp air roared behind her. She increased the speed to her fastest. Suddenly, she felt that the strong air behind her was pressing down on her like a mountain. When she looked back, she saw that the waves like pressure swooped down in an imposing manner. At that time, she took off the flying feathers on her waist and threw them into the air. She jumped on it quickly.

    "Trying to catch me? See if you can catch up with me!"

    Her voice came through the air and then she left in a flash, leaving only a lingering sound. The moment she jumped on the feather, the sharp blast of air hit the ground with a bang.


    With a loud rumble, a cloud of dust was flown everywhere while the pressure and airflow were also swept away. The strong impact opened a big hole in the ground and the rubble flew in disorder, making some people hiding in the shops pale with fear.

    Those twelve men flicked their sleeves and brushed away the cloud of dust in front of them. When they saw the figure in red was making a quick escape, they immediately jumped on their flying swords and went after her

    Watching those cultivators leave, the people who had been hiding came out one after another. They looked at the big hole on the street and gulped in shock.

    This street was bustling with activity. The news spread quickly, especially here in the East part of the city. People in the Black Market got the news first.

    After receiving the news, the Black Market's chief immediately convened the cultivators of Golden Core level and above as well as two Nascent Soul elders. Looking at the eight people sitting in the meeting hall, Chief Gong's expression was grave.

    "I just heard that there were eight Golden Core and four Nascent Soul powerful cultivators fighting against a young man in red on the East main street. According to people's description, this young man in red is most likely our Black Market's Ghost Doctor who's holding our first-class black command. People said that they went towards the jungle in the East. I'm planning to bring a team to help. Who's willing to come with me?"

    Hearing this, the people sitting below were shocked. Eight Golden Core and four Nascent Soul powerful cultivators? They were chasing the Ghost Doctor? And he asked them who would be willing to go to the rescue together?


    There were only six Golden Core cultivators in this Black Market branch and also two Nascent Soul elders. All of them combined were eight people. If the chief is added to their number, they were still less than ten people. How would they battle against eight Golden Core cultivators and four Nascent Soul powerful ones?

    What's more, it's only said that there were four Nascent Soul powerful cultivators without knowing which levels they were at. So if they went there in haste, what would happen if they couldn't save people but got killed instead. Then...

    Everyone hesitated when they thought of this.

    "Chief, might the information be incorrect? I haven't heard that Ghost Doctor has arrived at Nebula City! How can we make sure that he is the one who holds the first level order? Should we slow down and make a decision after listening to the news? "
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