736 Assassination

    Hearing this, Chief Gong stood up with a grim expression. "Rescuing people is like saving one's life. How can we slow down? I'm not going to force you to go if you aren't willing. After all, it's a matter of life and death. "

    As he spoke, he took a step out of the hall. However, just two steps later, an old man stood up.

    "Chief, this old man will go with you."

    The unremarkable old man in grey was one of the Black Market's two Nascent Soul elders. He was also the one who noticed Feng Jiu when she came to the Black Market from a secret place and then notified the Chief.

    His surname was Gong. He was Chief Gong's uncle. His strength was at the second level of Nascent Soul.

    "Chief, I'll go too." A Golden Core cultivator stood up.

    Chief Gong looked back at him and nodded. "Let's go." Immediately, he and those two went to the East jungle.

    The few people who remained in the meeting hall remained silent. It's human nature to be selfish. They knew perfectly well that if they're going, they most likely would meet danger. Who's so foolish as to go to their death?

    It's not easy to cultivate to their level. They cherished their lives and were unwilling to surrender their lives in this way.

    At the same time, those twelve kept in pursuit and arrived in the jungle. They saw the jungle was deserted with not a soul in sight, not even a person's breath was detected. The leader of the four Nascent Soul powerful cultivators narrowed his malicious eyes. He shouted in a grumpy voice. "Find her!"

    "Yes!" The eight Golden Core cultivators answered in unison. They immediately went separately from there and skimmed the place. One person searched a certain location with the intention of finding the man in the shortest time possible.

    One of the Nascent Soul glanced at the quiet jungle then closed his eyes and released your mind to find the Feng Jiu's breath. After quite a while, he opened his eyes. The expression in his eyes was gloomy.

    "How was it?" A man next to him inquired.

    "There's not even a breath found." The Nascent Soul cultivator answered. His voice was wooden, without emotion or fluctuation. He was just like a withered corpse. The chill could make people tremble.

    "Then go look! It's impossible to escape! " Another said. As soon as he finished speaking, he was already moving towards the heart of the jungle.

    Seeing this, the other three also went in the other three directions.

    There was one Nascent Soul searching in each of the four directions: North, South, East and West. Among them, there were eight Golden Core cultivators searching in the eight small points inside those four directions. This was an intensive, enveloping search. Even if Feng Jiu hides in any small corner of this jungle, she couldn't escape their search.

    Feng Jiu did not intend to hide all the time. She couldn't face twelve powerful cultivators. However, if they were scattered, it was possible for her to carry an assassination attack.

    When she escaped to this forest, she thought that this forest could be a cover for her. Since these people were here, she must leave none of them alive. Otherwise, she would be in trouble in the future.

    She took out the Phoenix Dagger that Xuanyuan Mo Ze gave her and held it in her hand. She looked at her target like a cheetah through the cover of trees. When she saw a Golden Core cultivator looking for her, she held back her breath. It was as if she had fused herself with nature.

    The Golden Core cultivator, whose strength was above the peak level, was getting closer to the place where Feng Jiu was. He didn't notice the danger, let alone a figure in red hidden on the tree.

    However, as he passed under the tree, suddenly, the person on the tree swooped down, covering his mouth with one hand and slashing at his neck with a sharp Phoenix Dagger with the other hand.
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