737 The rising killing inten

    Blood gushed out of his throat in an instant. The Golden Core cultivator kicked his feet with his eyes wide open. His body turned stiff, his head tilted to one side, and his breath was cut off.

    A Golden Core cultivator's throat was slashed by her in absolute silence. There was not even a sound escaped.

    She quickly took off the interspatial ring on his hand. With a move, some powder fell on the body. Before the smell of blood was blown away by the wind, she quickly retreated and hid in the jungle again.

    The other Golden Core cultivator who was searching this area soon followed the smell of blood. He crouched down to examine his fallen companion and saw that there was only a mortal wound in his neck. The interspatial ring on the finger was taken as well.

    In an instant, the Nascent Soul came over. He looked at the dead man on the ground, narrowed his eyes slightly, and asked in a gloomy voice, "How did he die?"

    "It was a fatal blow. The blade was upward. Feng Jiu should have turned up from the tree. While our man was caught unprepared, she slashed her blade..."

    Before the Golden Core cultivator finished speaking, the expression on his face changed and there was blood on the corner of his mouth. He didn't even have time to react and fell straight down.

    Seeing this, the Nascent Soul took a step back with his eyes narrowed and his hands curled up tightly inside his sleeves. "That's Feng Jiu indeed!"

    While her figure hadn't been seen yet, two Golden Core cultivators had perished. It's no wonder that four Nascent Souls were sent down. Also, if she was ordinary, would she have caught that man's attention?

    He became furious when he came to this thought. His vicious voice roared carrying spirit energy. "Two Golden Core cultivators died. Be more vigilant. Make a team of two, don't act alone. Be careful, she's using poison!"

    His voice was like ripples of water reverberating in the air. The powerful cultivator's pressure and spirit energy breath were transmitted distinctly. It echoed over and over again, giving a reminder to the others inside the jungle while also making them more alert.

    However, even if there was a warning from the Nascent Soul powerful cultivators, some of the Golden Core cultivators still didn't quite believe it. After all, Feng Jiu was only at the Great Spirit Master level. How did she kill those Golden Core elites? In their view, those two Golden Core cultivators should have underestimated the enemy too much, so that Feng Jiu was able to use the opportunity.

    Even though they didn't believe it, those in the same area were still grouped together. Two Golden Core cultivators formed a search team.

    In this part of the jungle, Feng Jiu, who also heard the Nascent Soul's warning, locked her gaze at one Golden Core cultivator who lagged behind.

    She stole silently from behind. Just as she was about to make a move, the cultivator, who seemed unaware, suddenly turned around. At the same time, another Golden Core cultivator also appeared from his hiding place. The two people surrounded her.

    "I got you now. You can't run anywhere!"

    Feng Jiu shifted her line of sight. Her eyebrows were slightly raised. "Run? I didn't want to run! All I want are only your lives!" She put away the dagger in her hand. The Qingfeng sword, which had not seen blood for a long time, appeared in her hand with a whooshing sound.

    As soon as the Qingfeng sword came out, bloodlust and killing intent burst out from its blade. The sword's vigorous qi was accompanied by the faint green light from the blade's cold tip. The aura in the air changed in an instant.

    The chill pervaded the air. Killing intent rushed forth to all the four directions. Without giving the opportunity for the two astonished Golden Core cultivators to return to their senses, the red figure swept out in a flash. Like a demon, her motions carried a severe killing intent. With a speed so fast like a thunderbolt, she went to attack the two Golden Core cultivators...
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