739 Anxious Nie Teng

    When he heard this, Teacher Lü's expression changed. He helped her onto the flying sword without saying anything and flew towards the Headmaster's peak....

    Some of the students found it odd when they saw Ye Jing's state of mind and eavesdropped on the conversation. They were surprised to hear what she said and found it strange.

    Feng Jiu in trouble? Ha! What sort of trouble could she be in? She had probably offended someone outside of the academy and was being taught a lesson by them! It was just Ye Jing making a fuss out of nothing.

    At this moment, no one believed that Feng Jiu's life was in danger as Ye Jing had said. No one could have imagined that the people after Feng Jiu were eight Golden Core monks, four Nascent Soul conquerors....

    They were all gloating and talking about how it would be good if someone taught him a lesson.

    "That lad is protected by the teachers in the academy, and by the Headmaster and Deputy Headmaster. Now that he is outside of the academy, someone is finally teaching him a lesson. He will most definitely come back all bruised and beaten up."

    "Serves him right, he is just a freshman, but yet he has overshadowed us. It's about time someone taught him a lesson."

    "Who are you talking about?"

    A low voice was heard from behind the few students who were stood discussing the matter at hand. They turned their heads in surprise, but let out a sigh of relief when they saw that it was Nie Teng.

    "Oh, it's you Senior Brother Nie. You gave us a fright." One of the students patted his chest as he spoke.

    "Who are you talking about?" Nie Teng repeated his question. He had just been to the pill peak and had not seen Feng Jiu there. He was about to return to the courtyard when he had overhead the students talking.

    "Feng Jiu, we are talking about that lad Feng Jiu. In the academy, the teachers and Headmaster protect her. We heard that he had gone into the town for a walk this morning with Ye Jing using the Headmaster's token. But we have just seen Ye Jing begging for help. She said that Feng Jiu was in danger and asked to see the Headmaster immediately."

    "We think that that lad has offended someone outside of the academy and is being taught a lesson. At the most he would just get beaten up. Ye Jing is just overreacting."

    However, once Nie Teng heard this, his expression changed and he went flying straight to the main peak.

    "What's wrong with Senior Brother Nie?"

    "Why did his expression change when he heard that Feng Jiu was in danger?"

    "Does Senior Brother know Feng Jiu?"


    The few of them were puzzled, but didn't think much of it. They sat down and chatted again.

    Nie Teng who was on his way to the main peak was worried. The people in the academy didn't know Feng Jiu. But he knew her well, and if it wasn't a big problem, she wouldn't need help.

    However, who would dare have the audacity to make a move on a Nebula Academy student in Green Gallop Country?

    The Headmaster and Mo Chen were playing chess in the main peak while the Deputy Headmaster watched on and served them tea every so often. The atmosphere was peaceful and leisurely. That was up until the frantic shouts of Teacher Lü drifted in from outside, and disrupted the peaceful atmosphere of the courtyard.

    "Headmaster, Headmaster there's trouble! Something bad has happened!"

    Teacher Lü rushed in with Ye Jing, not bothered with etiquette and he pushed Ye Jing right in front of the Headmaster. He said anxiously: "Headmaster, Ye Jing said that someone is after Feng Jiu's life outside the academy. They're no ordinary people, there are eight Golden Core cultivators and four Nascent Soul cultivators. Headmaster, what can we do? What shall we do now?"


    The Deputy Headmaster stood up in shock, a look of disbelief on his face as he asked: "Eight Golden Core cultivators and four Nascent Soul cultivators are in pursuit of Feng Jiu?"
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