740 Bells Echoing

    "Yes, they appeared in the streets in town, and their pressure was very strong. If it weren't for Feng Jiu's help, I would not have been able to escape to come and seek help. Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster, please save Feng Jiu. If you don't go to help her, she will surely die...."

    It was a big battle, with such strong contenders. She was only a Great Spirit Maser, up against them, she would surely lose her life.

    Upon hearing this, the Headmaster and Deputy Headmasters expressions became serious. Mo Chen's eyes lit up in surprise as he held onto the chess piece in his hand.

    Eight Golden Core cultivators, four Nascent Soul cultivators, how did he manage to provoke those people?

    At this moment, the Headmaster commanded: " Teacher Lü, ring the bells of the main peak immediately. Summon the teachers from the Spirit Division and the Mystical Division to come and save him with me!"


    Teacher Lü replied and headed outside immediately and banged the bells of the main peak. The sounds of bells echoed from the main peak between the courtyards of each division. When the teachers from each division heard the bells, they stopped everything they were doing and headed straight to the main peak.

    The Headmaster looked at the Deputy Headmaster and instructed: "Old Guan, you must go out immediately and gather the teachers who are at the Golden Core stage and Martial Sacred stage."

    "Yes!" The Deputy Headmaster replied and headed outside immediately. Ye Jing followed him out, she wanted to help save him!

    Finally, the Headmaster looked at Mo Chen and said: "I didn't think such a serious matter would happen. However, Feng Jiu is a student of the academy, and her life is in danger, so we have to save her. " He then bowed to take his leave and hurried outside.

    Nie Teng who was on his way to the main peak heard the sounds of the bells and his heart sank. As a student of the academy, he knew what it meant when the bells sounded. He just hadn't expected the situation to be so serious that the Headmaster sounded the bells to gather everyone.

    Seeing the teachers flying to the main peak from the various divisions, he quickened his speed and hurried over. At the same time, Guan Xilin and Xiao Yihan who had heard the news also hurried over to the main peak...

    At this point, Old White was taking the opportunity of his Master's absence and had intended to wander over to where the female students gathered to play. However, when he heard the news, he hurried back to the cave dwelling instead.

    "Cloud Devouring! Cloud Devouring!" His words weren't clear as his mouth was covered in cloth.

    Cloud Devouring who laid lazily on the floor glanced at Old White and asked: "What's the matter? Did you get caught peeping at the girls taking a bath at the back of the Pharmacy Division's Mountain Peak?"

    "Pu, pu, pu....!" Old White tried to untie the cloth with his hooves but only made the knot tighter.

    Cloud Devouring used its claws and cut through the cloth. Before he could speak, Old White spoke hurriedly: "It's bad! Something bad has happened!"

    "What's happened?"

    "I heard those people talking and they said that Master's life is in danger. The academy has rang the bell and gathered many teachers to go and save her life! It sounds like it's very serious, we should go and help too!"

    Upon hearing this, Cloud Devouring stood up immediately, his lazy demeanour disappeared and was replaced by a fierce and blood thirsty expression. He jumped onto Old White's back and shouted: "Let's go!"

    Old White galloped quickly towards the main entrance of the academy, travelling at a speed equivalent to flying. Its speed was by no means inferior to that of the teachers from the academy. They didn't however go to the main peak, but to the main entrance. They went in search of their Master by tracking her energy.......
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