746 I’m Not Leaving

    After that Nascent Soul cultivator died, the remaining three men recovered from their shock. They couldn't believe that a Nascent Soul cultivator actually died at the hands of a Great Spirit Master...

    Even if this Great Spirit Master had a mystical spirit body, even if she had a life contract with an ancient sacred beast, even if she had ancient pressure, but, but this was a Nascent Soul cultivator! Even if his body was dead, the Nascent Soul cultivator could still survive! How, how could he be dead....

    Because they couldn't believe it, one of the Nascent Soul cultivators flew over and turned over the body of the dead Nascent Soul cultivator. He saw that the sword had pierced through into his dantian. Only a small section of the sword could be seen sticking out of the Nascent Soul cultivator's body. Blood had dyed his robes.

    The Nascent Soul cultivator who looked middle-aged at this time started to change once the older Nascent Soul cultivator died. His face withered and he aged quickly as he absorbed the vitality of the dead cultivator. In no time at all he became an old man.

    The atmosphere seemed to solidify at this moment, the repressed and low spirited breath were released from the remaining three Nascent Soul cultivators. Blood thirsty atmosphere filled the air and formed a flow of airstream that surrounded the few people which isolated them from the outside and obscured their view.

    The closer the Headmaster and everyone else got, they found that their blood was not circulating well. The few Nascent Soul cultivators weren't as affected, but the teachers that followed behind them were not able to get closer. The distance between them grew bigger.

    This was the difference in their strength, a difference in one level was not a minor thing.

    "Feng Jiu! Get ready to die!"

    The cold murderous voice from within the airflow barrier startled the people outside of it.

    Feng Jiu was still alive? He was able to hold out for so long under the attack of Nascent Soul cultivators?

    "Little Jiu! Little Jiu!"

    Guan Xilin's eyes were red with worry. Even though he was a Martial Ancestor, but at this moment, no matter how much he wanted to continue forwards and rush through the airflow barrier, he couldn't take another step forward.

    Under the powerful pressure and airflow, each step he took was like a dead weight. Each step that took him closer made his blood boil, as if it were going to burst out of his blood vessels.

    Xiao Yihan was the same. Even though he was a Foundation cultivator, he was unable to more forwards under the powerful pressure. He was shocked that Feng Jiu was able to withstand this pressure for so long when they found it difficult to even move.

    "You all should retreat. The pressure and airflow is too strong for you all to withstand." The Deputy Headmaster sent the two men backwards dozens of metres with a swish of his sleeve.

    However, when he was about to send Nie Teng back, he saw that Nie Teng stared at him with cold, chilling eyes that made him shiver just a little bit. Why did he follow them? He knew about the danger and yet he came. Did he know Feng Jiu?

    "I am not leaving!"

    Nie Teng spoke in a calm voice as he looked at the Deputy Headmaster. He then looked that the airflow barrier in front of them and head the sound of battle coming from within. His chest tightened. He then took out an object from his space.
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