747 We Are Here

    It was a pearl that was round and smaller than an egg. It didn't look like anything special, so most people would probably mistake it as a pearl for playing with.

    "It's one of the three royal treasures of Green Gallop Country, The Black Hurricane Spirit Pearl!"

    The Headmaster was surprised that Nie Teng carried a treasure like this on him. It was extremely precious because it was made out of black obsidian and engraved with defensive array symbols. Just the defence array alone could withstand twenty attacks from Nascent Soul cultivators. In addition to its defensive power, it could also control the wind in the air. If a cultivator with wind properties were to get its hand on it, the pearl would play a great role in battle.

    Nie Teng threw the pearl in the air, the pearl swept up the surrounding air to one side and sucked up the powerful airflow that formed a barrier into a whirlwind under the pearl, then sent that to the other side of the forest.

    Because the powerful airflow that formed a barrier was swept away, the battle within the forest was now visible to everyone outside of the barrier. The scene before their eyes took their breath away.

    Feng Jiu who was dressed in red robes was covered in wounds. There was so much blood on his clothes that you couldn't tell which was his blood, and which was the enemies' blood. What was shocking was the amount of wounds and the fresh blood on his robes, and the strong murderous pressure coming off him.

    The most shocking thing of all was the Nascent Soul cultivator in front of them who had driven his sword into his shoulder. The sword had penetrated through his whole shoulder and protruded out the back......

    The green sword in his hand had pierced through the heart of the Nascent Soul cultivator had a flame that emitted from it.


    When everyone saw the scene before them, they breathed a sigh of relief when they realised that this was a wound swapping battle method! This method could defeat eight hundred to a thousand!

    What they witnessed was so terrifying that they couldn't help but worry. If the Nascent Soul cultivator's aim was accurate, they he would lose his life for sure....


    The Nascent Soul cultivator looked up with shock in his eyes as Feng Jiu had kicked him and he fell over. Once the Nascent Soul was destroyed, every trace of vitality would disappear.


    The long sword that had penetrated the Nascent Soul cultivator was pushed out because of his fall onto his back. At the same time the sword was pushed out, she stepped backwards and used the sword in her hand to steady herself.

    She glanced sideways at the crowd of people who came towards them and couldn't help but feel surprised when she saw them. Familiar faces and unfamiliar faces, was the whole academy's instructors with combat power here?

    "Feng Jiu, we are here!"

    The Headmaster's gaze fell onto the young boy, who had managed to hold out for this long, until they had arrived to help. There were no words to describe how he felt, other than excitement that he was still alive.

    His gaze moved from Feng Jiu to the two remaining Nascent Soul cultivators, his old and deep voice rang out with clear intent of murder.

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