749 Need to Kill

    Upon seeing this, the Nascent Soul elder from the Black Market flew towards him. The palm of his hand was condensed with spiritual force as he attacked him. Though both men were Nascent Soul cultivators, one was a peak stage cultivator and one was only middle stage.

    The two palms collided, a loud sound was heard as the force created an explosion that shook the surrounding airflow.

    The Nascent Soul elder from the Black Market was pushed back by the force of the palms colliding. He wasn't able to stop himself and slammed straight into a tree trunk.



    After the blow against the tree, he fell onto the floor and spat out blood. He stood up and tried to walk forwards, but he swayed and fell down again.

    The Nascent Soul cultivator took no notice of anyone else, because in his eyes only Feng Jiu had to die! He could not let her advance to Foundation stage, or else the future will be bleak!


    President Gong exclaimed when he saw the Nascent Soul cultivator had sent a force towards the first enchantment circle with his palm. It was too late to stop the first enchantment from being broken, so he gritted his teeth and charged forwards with the sword in his hand. Before he could reach him, he was sent flying dozens of metres away with a sweep of his hand.


    His body fell heavily onto the ground and blood spilled from his mouth. Even though he was Golden Core peak stage, he was still no match for the Nascent Soul cultivator.

    "Damn it!"

    He looked down at the ground as he wiped the blood from his mouth and then stood up. He was about to attack again when he saw that the elders from the academy, Headmaster, Deputy Headmaster and several Nascent Soul cultivators had split up into two groups and started to surround that Nascent Soul cultivator.

    He looked over to a few dozens of metres away and saw that his uncle had not gotten up from the ground. He rushed over to help his uncle up.

    "Uncle, how are you? Are you okay?" He asked as he helped him up.


    As the old man coughed, he also spat out blood: " Nascent Soul peak cultivator is indeed formidable. Even I, a Nascent Soul cultivator could not block his attacks."

    As he spoke, he had looked over at Feng Jiu who was on the last level of advancement, both her hands were bursting of spiritual energy. His eyes were wide open with shock.

    "The...The breath from her..."

    The spiritual power and mysterious force were mutually compatible, and they all belonged to her alone. The Golden Core cultivators were not able to tell the difference. Only the Nascent Soul cultivators knew what was happening.

    President Gong saw the change in his expression and asked: "What is the breath surging from her?"

    Even though it was strong, but should they be surprised by it? After all, everything that Feng Jiu had done was shocking. Just like what had happened today, if it weren't for the fact that they had witnessed it with their own eyes, no one would have believed that a Great Spirit Master could kill two Nascent Soul cultivators. It was absolutely inconceivable.

    A short distance away, Mo Chen dressed in white robes stood under a tree as he observed Feng Jiu who was sat cross-legged and about to advance to the Foundation Stage. He looked thoughtful as he looked at the fresh blood that stained his red robes and his look of concentration with his eyes closed.

    However, while he was meditating, and everyone else was protecting him, a dark, large cloud flew across the sky with a loud bang....
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