750 The Heavenly Foundation Building

    The dark cloud amassed, getting larger and larger. It almost covered the whole jungle. The Heaven and Earth's formidable pressure came down from the clouds. The powerful pressure from the sky and the pressure from the jungle below repelled each other. A strong air flow exploded in the sky, making the ground shook. Those who besieged the two Nascent Soul cultivators looked up in astonishment.

    They knew that Feng Jiu was at the Foundation Building stage. They had also gone through this stage before. However, this kind of stir had never occurred before! Moreover, why did the pressure released by the dark clouds contain the spirit of Heaven and Earth?

    Among all the people present, only the headmaster and deputy headmaster as well as the four Nascent Soul elders were shaken to their core. They knew clearly what that was...

    That was the Heaven and Earth qi! She actually provoked the Heaven and Earth qi to turn up during her Foundation Building. This, this was simply unprecedented...

    Generally speaking, a cultivator needed Foundation Building pills during this process. It could be said that those pills were absolutely necessary. Without them, in nine cases out of ten, the cultivator would fail this process. The failure would not only destroy one's foundation, but also degraded one's strength by several ranks.

    Therefore, without the Foundation Building pills, even those favoured by the gods wouldn't dare to start this stage. However, it was said that there was a kind of Foundation Building that integrated the power of Heaven and Earth. It didn't need the assistance of Foundation Building pills. When this perfect foundation was completed, it laid an extraordinary base for the Golden Core. However, this was also known as the Heavenly Foundation Building - an extremely difficult one to find even among a hundred thousands of cultivators.

    However, they witnessed this extremely rare case here. They saw that Feng Jiu called on the spirit of Heaven and Earth to aid her Foundation Building process. Her boldness truly made them break out in cold sweat as well as invigorate their spirits.

    At this moment, even though they knew that she was a genius at refining elixirs, they couldn't treat her as an ordinary cultivator. They started regarding her as the proud child of heaven, and they were still very much shaken.

    After a cultivator who consumed the Foundation Building pill completed this ordinary stage successfully, he had officially stepped into the path of immortality. His life expectancy would have been increased to 200 years old.

    But those who built their foundations with the power of Heaven and Earth were regarded as possessing heavenly foundation building. When they successfully completed this stage, their strength was beyond comparison. Moreover, their life expectancy would increase to 300 years old, which was equivalent to Golden Core cultivators. How could they not be shocked?


    The first thunderbolt shot down heavily while everyone was still in a fright. It pierced through the boundary and landed on Feng Jiu. At the same time, air flows visible to the naked eye swept out. It was like ripples of water spreading out in circles.

    The two Nascent Souls, who were under siege, saw the fall of the first thunderbolt. At present, they condensed a stream of air with their hands with the intent to blast it off to where Feng Jiu was. When the headmaster and others saw this, they all tried to block it. However, they were still hit by the air flow that gathered up ten percent of the Nascent Soul peak stage's strength and flew out tens of meters away.


    The second thunderbolt fell at this time, tempering her body and her veins. A rich and abundant aura was surging in her body. The ribbon tying her hair snapped by force and her hair scattered in the air, flying in a tangled mess.

    "Go to hell!"

    The two Nascent Soul powerful cultivators attacked simultaneously. The strong air stream that they gathered formed a vortex. Their attacks carried an earth-shattering killing intent. They intended to destroy her foundation and kill her by dilating her blood and vital breath!

    "Little Jiu!"

    "Feng Jiu!"

    "Feng Jiu!"

    Guan Xilin, Nie Teng and Xiao Yihan were originally blown away by the airflow. Seeing this scene, they all rushed forward to block it. However, a figure came faster than them...
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