753 Carried away

    Feng Jiu, still in a cross-legged position, heard this and blinked at Mo Chen who stood in front of her. Her lips curled up when she saw his expression as well as the astonished gazes of the surrounding crowd. She reached out to take the straying strand of jet-black hair off her cheek and pinned it behind her ear. Then she stood up holding the Qingfeng sword on her side.

    But due to her shoulder injury as well as other wounds on her body, her figure swayed when she started standing up.

    At this moment, the crowd seemed to notice the Qingfeng sword in her hand. They were looking on foolishly. The shock was so great that it made them not knowing how to react.

    "Everybody, many thanks for coming to my rescue. Feng Jiu thanks all of you here."

    Although her face was pale, she still held the sword in her hand and gave a salute to everyone. Her eyes were on the injured teachers and the Black Market's three men. When her eyes swept past Nie Teng, she paused for a while and then her gaze fell on the headmaster and deputy headmaster.

    "You may not know my identity." She smiled. "I'm the princess of the Phoenix Empire, a ninth-grade country. So, I'm really a woman."

    She looked at Mo Chen while saying the last sentence as if it was meant for him.

    For a moment, the whole jungle was quiet. Each pair of eyes fell on her. At that moment, she was dressed in red with her jet-black hair scattered. Even though her face was pale, her eyebrows were radiant, confident and cunning. No one thought that this was a young man any more because seen from any angle, she was an alluringly beautiful woman.

    "You, you wrote down your information as a man in the registration form..."

    A teacher gulped. He thought it was inconceivable. A princess from the Phoenix Empire, a ninth-grade country? Feng Jiu? A woman? Why did she want to disguise herself as a man?


    She nodded. "It's more convenient as a man. In addition..."

    She made a pause. Her pair of dazzling eyes, like stars, narrowed into a half-moon. Her smile was touched with both cunning and jest, alike a mocking smile. "In addition, I have a beautiful face that can overthrow cities as well as a matchless and unrivalled elegance. If I walk outside in female's clothing, my admirers will swarm and pounce on me. It's difficult to ward them off. However, it's different when I'm in a man's wear. I look romantic, elegant, and exceedingly handsome. I charm countless of girls. So indeed, it's much better than female's clothes."

    Black lines streaked across everyone's forehead. They drew out their lips in straight lines and looked away speechlessly.

    Once the danger was over, she was back to her old indolent self. Now, where were her ruthlessness and fierceness when fighting alone with the Nascent Soul? Where was the trace of the previous majestic presence?

    Most of the teachers who hadn't been in touch with Feng Jiu only knew that she had an odd character. Seeing her today, it really verified everyone's evaluation in the academy.

    However, according to their knowledge, even if it's because she was handsome and elegant in man's clothes, there were some people among the boys and girls in the academy who gave her the nickname of "little white face"...

    Seeing the people's strange expressions, she smiled sheepishly. This narcissistic boasts made her a little uncomfortable. So, she put away the Qingfeng sword, leaned on Guan Xilin's shoulder with one hand, and called out softly.

    "Big Brother, carry me back! My wounds are killing me. "

    However, as she finished speaking and Guan Xilin was about to pick her up, a figure in white stepped forward. In front of everyone's astonished eyes, he carried Feng Jiu atop the flying sword, heading toward the academy...
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