754 My lips are sealed

    Seeing this scene, Nie Teng's face instantly darkened. His eyes were fixed gloomily on the figure that had gone afar in a flash. His lips turned into a thin line. Finally, he raised his vital energy and followed him to the academy.

    Guan Xilin's expression was not very good either. He was half bent to pick up his sister. Unexpectedly, Mo Chen carried her away. Nobody wouldn't be upset at this. He tossed the eight divinatory trigrams plate and quickly chased them.

    Only Xiao Yicheng standing still in the same place, stupefied. Before he had calmed down from the shock of Feng Jiu's revelation, he saw that Mo Chen had carried Feng Jiu away.

    The headmaster and deputy headmaster looked at each other with a slightly surprised expression. From what they knew about Mo Chen, he was not a person who could make such a move. How could he carry Feng Jiu away and left without saying a word?


    The headmaster coughed and threw a dignified look at the crowd. "Since Feng Jiu is disguised as a man, she doesn't want her identity as a woman to be known. Don't say a word about it afterwards."

    A teacher hesitated and asked, "Headmaster, the sword she was holding just now...Is it the ancient sword Qingfeng?"

    Hearing this, the headmaster's imposing eyes fell on the teacher and ordered in a deep voice. "It's indeed the ancient Qingfeng sword. It must be her destiny to obtain the sword. This sword had wide implications. Nothing that has been seen or heard here shall be mentioned again."

    "Yes, we know."

    Everyone nodded solemnly in agreement. They knew that it was a matter of great importance. If they couldn't manage this matter well, it would not only cause trouble for Feng Jiu but also cause disaster for their academy.

    "Did you hear that, too?" The headmaster's gaze was fixed on the dazed Xiao Yihan.

    Xiao Yihan slowly returned to his senses. He answered with a straight face, "Don't worry, headmaster. I won't tell that to anyone."

    He was astonished. Where would he want to speak out about it? What's more, what happened today was so unfathomable. A man he called his younger brother had the strength of fighting alone against the Nascent Soul powerful cultivator. Moreover, that person was actually a woman.

    "Well, let's return! Those with only light wounds support those with serious injuries. " The headmaster spoke and took the lead to leave. He let deputy headmaster bring back the rest of the people.

    Mo Chen was carrying Feng Jiu on the flying sword. His sight was fixed toward the front, but his heart was stirred and his body was slightly stiff. It was because the person in his arms had been staring at him since she was carried in his embrace. This measuring look, a naked gaze without concealing anything, made him unable to relax.

    "Young Master Mo Chen?" Feng Jiu stared at the immortal-like man who was pursing his lips.

    He didn't lower his head and only answered indifferently. "Speak if you have anything to say."

    "You're holding me too tightly." Feng Jiu jokingly said.

    Mo Chen froze then looked down to meet her jesting eyes. He glanced at her then shifted his gaze. As his body relaxed, he also somewhat eased his hold.

    Feng Jiu smiled. She gradually relaxed and closed her eyes. "I'm tired. I'll sleep for a while." After the fierce battle, only injuries and fatigue left in her body. With the crisis relieved, she relaxed and gradually fell asleep.

    For a good while, Mo Chen lowered his head and watched the slumbering woman in his arms. His eyes showed his complicated feelings.

    There was no doubt in his mind. He knew very well that she was the one he was looking for.

    He just didn't expect that he had already met her, let alone that it would be her.
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