755 Returning to the academy

    Ye Jing was waiting anxiously at the academy's gate. She also went along with the headmaster and others. However, when they arrived at the city's main street, they were told by the civilians that those people earlier were heading towards the jungle.

    She had planned to go with them but was told by deputy headmaster to return. The reason being her cultivation was the weakest among the people and might need their protection if she went along. Therefore, in order not to delay them, she could only come back and wait there.

    However, after waiting for so long, she still did not see them returning to the academy. The longer the time passed, the more uneasy she felt.

    "I wonder if they can save Feng Jiu? Can Feng Jiu hold those powerful cultivators off until the headmaster and his party arrive?"

    She murmured in a low voice while walking restlessly back and forth. From time to time, she looked up to the Eastern sky and looked forward to seeing their flying swords coming back. However, it was not until a long time later that she saw figures on a flying sword coming from the sky.

    With a happy heart, she took a closer look and saw that it was Young Master Mo Chen. In his bosom was Feng Jiu, with her red robe in tatters and her jet-black hair coming loose.

    "Feng Jiu!"

    She shouted with joy. As Young Master Mo Chen kept going to the academy on his flying sword and didn't make a stop, she took out her flying instrument quickly to catch up with them.

    Behind them, Nie Teng and Guan Xilin came one after another. Their eyes were fixed on Mo Chen holding Feng Jiu. They watched him taking her to the main peak, so they also followed him there.

    After putting Feng Jiu on a side room, he briefly took a look at her injuries. Since most of her injuries were on her body, he couldn't remove her clothes to examine and thus withdrew from the room.

    "Here's the ointment for the wounds. Go in and help treat her wounds." He told Ye Jing who came close behind him and handed her a bottle of medicine.

    "Yes." Ye Jing assented and entered the room quickly with the medicine.

    Nie Teng and Guan Xilin had also landed in the courtyard. When they saw him sitting in the courtyard, they were about to go in and had a look. Immediately, they heard him spoke.

    "A female student is helping to dress her wounds."

    Hearing this, they paused their steps and remembered that her wounds were all on her body and did not go in. Instead, they retired to the courtyard and looked at the immortal-like man seated nearby the stone table. Neither of them spoke.

    The headmaster and deputy headmaster came next. Those two also sat down in the courtyard, waiting for the door to open. After about an hour or so, Ye Jing came out.

    "Ye Jing, how's Little Jiu?" Guang Xilin asked.

    The others also looked at her.

    "It's not bad. Only the shoulder injury is relatively serious, but it was already medicated and dressed. She slept for a while and then woke up. She had already taken the medicine herself. Then she went to sleep again." She was very glad that Feng Jiu was still alive.

    After all, not everyone could survive the murderous pursuit of such powerful cultivators.

    "I'll go in and have a look."

    Guan Xilin walked inside while speaking. However, when he was just about to open the door, his steps halted. He frowned at Nie Teng who was trailing behind.

    "What are you doing, following me?"

    Nie Teng glanced at him and answered sullenly. "Get out of the way."

    "Tch! Get out of the way? You want to go in? Who are you?" Guan Xilin sneered and blocked the door.

    Nie Teng's eyes were profound and Spirit power started to rush forth in his body. When he was about to attack, he heard the deputy headmaster's voice.

    "All right, all right. You two, don't stir up trouble here."

    Deputy headmaster was blocking between the two people. He frowned. "Do you think she can recuperate well, knowing that you're fighting here?"
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