756 That person is her

    After hearing his speech, they didn't fight.

    The headmaster and deputy headmaster looked at each other and walked inside with light steps. Then, Mo Chen followed in. Guan Xilin, Nie Teng and Ye Jing also walked in.

    Not long after, those few people were surrounding the bed. Feng Jiu had been asleep. Although she looked pale, her breath did not show any signs of weakening or disorder. This fact made them feel relieved.

    Seeing that her life was not in danger, they all went out together.

    "It's good that there's no problem. I'll leave her to you. I'll see the injured teachers." The headmaster spoke and strode out from the place.

    Nie Teng paused for a moment then also departed.

    But Guan Xilin stayed. "I will wait until Little Jiu awake, then take her back to her cave-dwelling."

    Deputy headmaster glanced at those few people in the courtyard and coughed softly. "I'll tell the kitchen to cook her some medicinal porridge. Her wounds will recover faster." He then also left.

    In the courtyard, there were only Guan Xilin, Ye Jing and Mo Chen. They were all silent, the atmosphere seemed weird.

    After a good while, Ye Jing looked at Guan Xilin. "You are wounded. I'll help dress your wounds!"

    "It's okay. These are just scrape wounds."

    He glanced at a few small cuts in his arm and ignored them. As for the internal injuries caused by the airflow, he had taken the medicinal pills on the way back. It had eased his pain a lot, so he was alright.

    In the evening, Xiao Yihan, who helped to dress the injured teachers' wounds also came. Seeing the immortal in white sitting motionlessly in the courtyard, he pulled Guan Xilin aside and asked in a low voice, "Feng Jiu knows him?"

    "I assume so!" Guan Xilin answered. He didn't know much about Mo Chen.

    "I heard from the headmaster that Feng Jiu is alright. Has she woken up yet?" He looked at the closed door and inquired.

    "Shortly after waking up, Ye Jing helped her change clothes and take some medicine."

    He nodded. After seeing the atmosphere was somewhat heavy, he said, "Since she's alright, then I go back first. I'll wait for her to return to the cave and then go visit her again."

    Guan Xilin made an assenting sound and looked at his departing figure. After, he turned his sight toward Mo Chen who was sitting on the side reading a book. After quite a while, he looked away.

    When the room door opened, Ye Jing came out. "Feng Jiu said she would go back to the cave to heal her wounds."

    Guan Xilin turned and walked in. "I'll take her back."

    At the stone table, Mo Chen's gaze moved, but he did not speak and just sat quietly.

    Soon after, Guan Xilin came out with Feng Jiu on her back. She had changed into the academy's uniform. Her face looked even paler, but she was awake.

    "Thanks very much."

    When she reached the place where Mo Chen was, on Guan Xilin's back, she gave him thanks.

    Ye Jing was supporting them and left together with them.

    Waiting until after they left, Mo Chen put down the book in his hand and lifted his eyes to watch. He was silent for a long time.

    "Is it her? Is she the one you're looking for?"

    The headmaster and deputy headmaster came in. Seeing the man sitting by the table staring blankly, they posed the question. Actually, they already knew that the one they were looking for was Feng Jiu.

    In the entire academy, only she was so extraordinary and only she could make Young Master Mo Chen who didn't care about anything to make a killing move and stain his hands with blood.

    Mo Chen looked at the two men for a long time. "Treat her injury well. I have to go back."
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