976 Not Privileged Enough To Know

    She looked away and walked over to the other side to speak to the manager, she asked: "Are you in charge here?"

    The manager was drinking tea when he heard the voice. When he looked up and saw a handsome young boy, he put his cup of tea down and said with a smile: "All the merchandise here is under my control. Is Young Master looking to buy some slaves? What kind do you want? I can recommend some to Young Master."

    Feng Jiu looked at him and said: "The fatty who was brought her earlier, look after him. Don't sully him or kill him."

    Upon hearing this, the smile on the manager's face narrowed as he looked him up and down: "What does Young Master mean by this?"

    "Can you not understand? He belongs to me. I am borrowing you to teach him a lesson, but make sure you don't sully him or kill him. Do you understand this time?"

    "Hahaha, Young Master must be joking. All the merchandise here is bought with money. Yes we did buy a fatty earlier on, so why is Young Master saying he belongs to you? Besides, we have big plans for the fatty. We bought him for three hundred silver coins, but we will be able to sell him for much more than that."

    Feng Jiu's lips curved: "You're not the one in charge here. Go! Get your manager here now!"

    He was displeased when he heard this and his face was gloomy: "What a rascal! Take a look around you, you dare to cause trouble here? Come! Kick him out!"

    "Get out!"

    Four cultivators stepped forward to surround him. One of them was about to grab Feng Jiu's collar and throw him out, but the young man looked at them casually, his cold eyes filled with immense power. The energy and breath coming from him permeated through the air and the cultivator felt only murderous energy coming towards him. The chill crept up through the soles of his feet and reached his heart. The intense shock of power and energy made him tremble and his forehead broke out in cold sweat. His legs went soft and he fell to the ground with a bang.

    Of the cultivators present, two of them were Foundation cultivators, and even the manager was a Foundation mid-rank cultivator. When they saw the power the young boy in red exuded, they were shocked and their eyes were filled with shock and confusion.

    How could a young boy of only sixteen to seventeen years of age possess such immense power? Who on earth is this teenager?

    "Who, who are you?" The manager asked trembling. He knew that he was extraordinary and didn't dare make any rash moves. A Golden Core cultivator was not scary.

    However, a sixteen to seventeen years old Golden Core cultivator was definitely extremely scary. What talent was needed for a sixteen or seventeen year old boy to become a Golden Core cultivator?

    Feng Jiu glanced at him casually, her voice cold: "You are not privileged enough to know."

    If the manager had heard this earlier on, he would have scolded the boy. However, now that he had seen him make a Foundation cultivator drop to the ground without moving, he was afraid to show any dissatisfaction.

    This was how it is in the world, if you proved that you are stronger, you would naturally gain the respect of others. As for the weak, no one would pay any attention to them.

    "Please come inside Young Master. I will go and get the President." The manager wiped his cold sweat as he bowed and led the way. He led Feng Jiu to the living room inside.
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