759 Quarrel

    "If I don't shout, how can beauty Ye Jing hear me?" Old White said grumpily as he glared at the Cloud Devouring Beast.

    "They're already here and you're still shouting. Even if you don't find it shameful, I do!"

    "You're just a little meatball, why do you find it shameful?"

    "What little meatball? Do you want to fight?"

    "Come on, I'm not afraid of you."

    Ye Jing and the ten students were dumbfounded. When they opened up the formation, they saw the weird horse and the pet arguing....

    They hadn't misheard and had witnessed it, they were quarrelling with each other, no one else was there.

    They didn't know that a beast that wasn't spirit beast could speak, but it wasn't just one, it was two of them. What was going on? Don't tell them that this pervish weird horse was a spirit beast. There was no way that was possible.

    And don't tell them that the little meatball was a spirit beast either. It was just a pet, how could it speak?

    Old White was glaring at Cloud Devouring as they argued. All of a sudden, he quietened down and when he saw that Cloud Devouring stared past him. Seeing this, Old White had also turned his head to look. When he saw Ye Jing, his eyes lit up.

    "Beauty Ye Jing, you have finally come to save me."

    It ran straight to her after he shouted in excitement. Ye Jing put out her hands in shock to hold the horse's face and asked: "Old, Old White, how can you speak?"

    She had been to the cave dwelling many times, but had never heard Old White speak!

    Old White was shocked and remembered his Mistress warning and pursed his lips as he replied: "I ate something by accident and now I can speak."

    Oh dear, would Mistress really stop him from talking forever?

    When he thought of that, the joy of being rescued disappeared. He came to Ye Jing's side and nudged her gently as he said: "Beauty Ye Jing, my Mistress won't let me speak and even used a cloth to bind my mouth because she was afraid that I would scare people. Now that you've seen me talking, can you plead for mercy on my behalf with my Mistress? Oh yes, is my Mistress okay?"

    Ye Jing stared at Old White with indifference, although she was very surprised deep down, and said: "Don't worry, she is okay. She's sustained some injuries and is recuperating in her cave dwelling. When she noticed that you both were missing she sent us to look for you."

    "Injured? Then we better get back now." Old White said anxiously: "No injuries on her face though?"

    Everyone present couldn't believe that the horse was actually worried about its Mistress' injuries and also worried about its Mistress injuring his face.

    Ye Jing smiled: " You'll find out when you get back." She then turned to the students behind her and said: "Go let them know that we have found them."

    "Okay." A student answered and informed Guan Xilin's search party. They headed back towards the academy.
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